Student Testimonial Detail

Lily Wagner

“Towards the end of my first year at UCI, I got involved with the Jewish community on campus. I’ve enjoyed being a part of Hillel, Chabad, Anteaters for Israel and the larger Jewish community that I have met through networking with these groups. I initially took a Jewish Studies course to fulfill my last general education requirement, but found myself both engaged and intrigued, and went on to take another course for my own learning. The two courses I took, Jewish Cultures and History of Antisemitism, were thought provoking. They challenged my own ideas about my heritage, encouraging me to explore both my own Judaism and culture as it related to my values and goals. I encourage everyone with an interest in history or religion to take a course offered by the Program in Jewish Studies. There is a breadth of knowledge to be discovered, and for myself, I found these classes to be a wonderful introduction onto this path.”