Student Testimonial Detail

Claudia Mendoza

After completing my studies in Cognitive Psychology at the University of California, Irvine, I took strong interest in personality, psychopathology and social theories as well as experimental research.

Subsequently, I went on to complete a second B.A. degree in Global Cultures again at the University of California Irvine, emphasizing a more interdisciplinary approach through art and history. I grew further interested in examining and re-examining current scholarly constructions of "culture" as interpreted through globalization, capitalism, and indigenous societies made evident in cultural and artistic production. Although culture is considered a production of what is "local" and—more than often—appropriated in national rhetoric, mainstream media, and other vehicles shaping and reshaping modes of culture.

My desire to travel and explore the world has proved very relevant to my practice in cultural production and general ‘human’ type questions that can be applied to the field of art while seeking to extend the boundaries of curating. I am currently in Grenoble, France and participating in an international curatorial program. My current interests involve pooling ideas of knowledge from several fields of thought which seek to question, explain and explore the world around us while maintaining a conscious and open awareness to the world with the purpose of providing long term solutions in cultural conflict and societal tension.

Other related interests in experimental realities, the mind-body question and meta/quantum physics as a philosophical thought in examining cultures are juxtaposed with concepts such as reality, freedom, and possibly altered states of consciousness as represented through art, space and time. My goal is to explore different theorists and artists who confront similar questions, debates, and notions of the aforementioned. .Perhaps we seek to find, only to seek again.

Update: Claudia is currently working in Grenoble, France