Global Cultures Core Courses

The following six core courses are required for the Global Cultures major (The same courses are required for Global Cultures minors except the capstone seminar).  Course description for History 21 are found on this page.

  • History 21 A, B, C (these may be taken out of sequence)
  • Global Cultures 103 A, 103 B and 191 (Capstone Seminar)
History 21A, B, C and Global Cultures 103A / 103B should be taken as early as possible in the Global Cultures major, but they are not prerequisites for taking courses in your emphases.

GC 103 A should ideally be taken before GC 103 B but you may take them concurrently or reverse the order if scheduling problems arise. (GC 103 A and B are topics vary courses and so may be repeated for credit if the topic changes).

The Senior Seminar G.C. 191 is best taken in the senior year but may be taken before if it cannot be accommodated into the student's final year's schedule.


GLBLCLT 103A: Global Cultures (Mark Andrew Le Vine)
HIS 21A: World: Innovations (Simcha Gross)

HIS 21B: World: Empires and Revolutions (Laura Mitchell)

GLBLCLT 103B: Modernity as Dissensus in Middle Eastern Literature (TBA)
GLBLCLT 191: Africa from Trade to Colonialism (Alex Borucki)
HIS 21C: World: Wars and Rights (Chelsea Schields)


GLBLCLT 103A: Culture, Money and Globalization (Mark Andrew Le Vine)
GLBLCLT 103B: Globalization in Middle East (Nasrin Rahimieh)
GLBLCLT 105: Language Origins (Armin Schwegler)

GLBLCLT 191: Africa from Trade to Colonialism (Alex Borucki)