Student Testimonial Detail

Sobia Saleem

Deciding to double major in Global Cultures was by far the best decision of my undergraduate career. As a student coming from the English Department, Global Cultures allowed me the unusual opportunity to leave the typical cannon and explore cultures and novel critical thinking strands.

I have recently been accepted into both the Ethnic Studies Program at San Francisco State University and the Literature and Languages Program at UC Santa Cruz. I am convinced that the interdisciplinary nature of the Global Cultures major was a significant reason why these programs accepted me without reservation.

Global Cultures gave me the flexibility to apply to two different departments where I could pursue my interests and juxtapose minority culture, marginalized peoples, literature and cinemas from unique directions.

Global Cultures is a very intimate major with quarterly luncheons and core courses in which fellow major-members develop a relationship that lasts beyond UCI. The professors are very easy to approach despite their brilliance, and the material is nothing less than exhilarating in its depth and scope.

After graduation, I decided to take a year off to learn to speak French, cook, and catch up on my favorite books. I currently work for Kaplan (they offer on-line degree programs). The communication and presentation skills I learned in the Capstone Seminar with Professor Schwegler helped me distinguish myself from other job applicants. I will soon attend UC Santa Cruz’s Literature and Languages MA program with a proud emphasis in Globalization.

Update: Sobia has was accepted into UC Santa Cruz's Literature and Languages MA program with a proud emphasis in Globalization