Student Testimonial Detail

Tania Gennell

Global Cultures has given me a truly international experience!

I decided to study abroad (England) after hearing so many inspiring stories from previous UCI students, and because I wanted to fulfill my desire to travel the world. Global Cultures courses at UCI (e.g., Dr. Schwegler’s class on language and globalization) gave me the confidence to apply — successfully so — to graduate schools in the United Kingdom. In my application, I emphasized the necessity for understanding other cultures, and how my education at UCI prepared me well to pursue an advanced degree in Linguistics and Cognitive Science. Two prestigious universities in the United Kingdom (University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland; and the University of Westminster in London, England) accepted me within days of applying.

Subsequently I was also accepted to the University of California, Los Angeles (honors program), New York University, and the University of Southern California. I have decided to pursue my degree at UCLA, where I will double my Linguistics concentration with Global Studies. Through this program, I will join UCLA next summer for a travel study programme to China. My qualifications as a "global" student have also earned me a spot in a very competitive internship in Cape Town, South Africa, where I will work at a local clinic, studying the juxtaposition between the spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the urban development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

At present, it very much looks like I will be able to fulfill my educational dream of obtaining an advanced degree with a truly “global education”. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Update: Tania was accepted at UCLA