Student Testimonial Detail

Khassaundra Delgado

UCI's Global Cultures program has been tremendously helpful in reaching my career goals and supporting my professional development in nonprofit fundraising and strategic communications. While I originally thought that my career would be in education, I obtained a position at a local public relations firm, where I worked on communications campaigns for local nonprofit organizations, UCI Extension and the OpenCourseWare Consortium.

I am grateful for the continuous mentoring I received in the Global Cultures program. My study in Global Cultures equipped me with the research and critical thinking skills to prepare case studies demonstrating the global influence of the open education movement and OpenCourseWare materials — one of the most fun and rewarding projects that I have worked on as I develop my career. Here are a few links to the case studies I prepared:

A year ago, I began working at a local nonprofit, preparing grants and strategic communications campaigns for the agency. Understanding the diverse cultural landscape of Southern California has been essential, and my study in Global Cultures has prepared me beyond measure for this challenging position. With countless nonprofits both locally and worldwide, a degree in Global Cultures is a significant advantage in the nonprofit industry.

My undergraduate experience and subsequent jobs in the real world have persuaded me to pursue graduate study in Global Communications. All of the universities that I have reached out to responded positively to my degree in Global Cultures. I am truly appreciative of the opportunities that the Global Cultures program at UCI has created for me. If you have an questions, please contact me at