Inter Area Studies 

AFAM 110 W. James Caribbean: Colonial-Emancipation
Art His 103 M.M. Miles Greek Sanctuaries
Art His 121 L. Bauer Renaissance Venice
Asian Am 110 B. Shroff Lit of South Asian Diaspora
Asian Am 142 K.B. Leonard Muslim Identities In North America
Asian Am 161 J. Liu Racial/Ethnic Communities
Asian Am 164 D. Fujia-Rony Asian American/African American Relations
Com Lit 104 J.O. Newman Intro To Euro Studies: The Case Of The Renaissance
E. Asian 116 C. Choi Christianity & Modernity In Korea
Flm & Mda 130 G. Mimura AsianAm & Pop Culture
Flm & Mda 160 F. Lim Philippine Cinema
French 150 O. Zayed French Orientalism
History 130C D.J. Schroeter Jews And Muslims
History 135E P. Seed History of Navigation
History 158A E.S. Rosenberg U.S. Foreign Relations Since WWII
History 190 J. Wasertrom Shanghai & LA Fact & Fiction
Lit Jrn 101BW J. Katz Crossing Borders
Spanish 110C Hernandez-Torres Caribbean Latina Writers
Spanish 150 M. Hamilton Immigration & Trauma In Spain
Wmn Std 110C I. Grewal Producing Gender Tansnationally
Wmn Std 156A K. Kim Race And Gender
Anthro 121D S. O'Rourke X-Cult Stds Gender
Anthro 125X L. Chavez Immigrat Comp. Persp.
Chicno. Std. 115C R. Fernandez Afro-Latin American Music
Soc Sci 119 J. Brand Geography Of Pacific Rim
Soc Sci 178E J. Liu Japanese Amer Exper
Soc Sci 185W J. Okane People In Society

Fall 2006
AFAM 150 A. Gonzalez Race & Ethnicity I
Asian Am 171A J.M. Liu Comparative International Migration
Classics 160 Z. Giannopoulou Literature: Aeschylus' Orestia And Transformations
Classics 170 A. Karanika Women And Gender In The Ancient Greek World
Comp. Lit. 103 S. Jarratt Global Women's Writing
History 130B D. J. schroeter Modern Jewish History
History 182 M.A. LeVine Culture, Money And Globalization
Wmn Stud. 170 S. Jarratt Global Women's Writings
Intl. Stud. 154W B. Petrovic Ethics&Jstc Intl Aff
Intl. Stud. 179 J.M. Whiteley Nuclear Environs
Intl. Stud. 179 Staff Intl. Econ Devlp
Intl. Stud. 189 K. Sunder Rajan Post Colonial Studies
Intl. Stud. 189 S. Bach Globalization
Intl. Stud. 189 R. Chavira International Journalism
Intl. Stud. 189 A. Valdez Transnational Gangs
Anthro. 138M R. Garfias Music As Exp. Cult
Anthro 139 R. Garfias Music Of Indo&Philip
Anthro 174AW D.R. White World Cult Comparsn

Springr 2006
AFAM 150 A. Gonzalez Race & Ethnicity III
AFAM 160 S. Daulatzai Race & Representation
AsianAm 101 J. Liu Global Diaspora & Race
Asian Am 142 K. Leonard Muslim Identity North America
Flm Mda 169 C. Liu New Waves
History 163 S. Topik World Of Coffee
History 180 J.H. McKenna Atheism: Since Enlightment
Wmn Stu. 166A L. Deeb Contemp Issues In Gender & Islam
Anthro 125Z K.B. Leonard Muslim Indetity In North America
Anthro 128B M.J. Montoya Race/Science/Diseas
Anthro 134A M. Zhan Medical Anthropology
Anthro 139 L. Deeb Cotemp Issues In Gender & Islam
Sociol. 167 AW Leinenweber Race/Ethnic Rel in US
Sociol. 169 W. Bello Pol Econ Globalztn
Int. Stud. 112A S. Schlosser International Business
Int. Stud. 111A S. Bach International Studies
Int. Stud. 179 R. Uriu US Foreign Policy: Asia
Int. Stud. 179 B. Petrovic Iraq Reconstruction
Int. Stud. 189 B Petrovic Intl. Just & Ethics

Winter 2006
AFAM 150, A S. Daulatzai Black International
AFAM 150, B A. Gonzalez Race & Ethnicity II
AFAM 151 C.J. Kim Comparative Minority Politics
AFAM 160, A U. Jenkins Issues In Afro Futurism
Art His 150, A J.C. Ho China And The West 200 - 800
Art His 150, B D.E. Winther Modern Art of Japan/India/Mexico
Asian Am 132 C.J. Kim Comparative Minority Politics
Flm & Mda 112 F.C. Lim Fantastic Cinema
Flm & Mda 114 E. Dimendberg Cinema Of The 1960's
Flm & Mda 160 J. Hall Transnational Asian Film
History 135E P. Seed Hist Of Technology
History 190, B M.A. Levine History of Globalization
History 190, C J.M. Molina Missionary Men
History 192W,D S.C. Topik The World of Coffee
Lit Jrn 101A B.E. Siegel Hist & Thry Lit Jrn
Wmn Std. 120A I. Grewal Modern Pleasures
Wmn Std. 184 A. Brysk Gender & Globalization

Fall 2005
AFAM 150 A. Gonzalez Race & Ethnicity I
Art Hist 165D J.A. Wilson Race & Visual Rep
Asian Am 150 R. Radhakrishnan Theorizing Diaspora
Classics 160 Z. Giannopoulou Love in Classical Antiquity And Beyond
Classics 170 C. Sogno Women in Roman Literature & Society
English 105 J. R. Lazo Cuban American Literature
History 182 M.A. LeVine Culture, Money & Globalization
History 190 J.B. Given The Crusades
History 190 S.C. Topik Commodities/History of Coffee
Human 103 M.A. LeVine Culture, Money & Globalization
Philosophy 116 M. Schwab On Violence
Wmn. Stu. 110A L. Deeb Gender, State & Nation
Poli Sci 142 D C. Sereseres US Foreign Policy: Globalism And The Cold War
Poli Sci 144 A B. Petrovic Approaches To International Relations
Poli Sci 149 B B. Petrovic International Justice And Ethics
Poli Sci 153 A. Brysk Human Rights

Spring 2005
AFAM 150 A. Gonzalez Race adn Ethnicity III
AFAM 160 J. Robinson Global Bob Marley
AsianAm 101 J. Liu Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity
AsianAm 142 K.B. Leonard Muslim Identities in North America
AsianAm 150 Y. Chen Ethnic Food & Ethnic Identity
AsianAm 164 G. Mimura Queer ID, Race, Representation
AsianAm 171A J. Liu Compar Intl Migrat
Classics 160 M. Goldman Ancient Novel
Classics 160W D. Sutton Homer's Odyssey
ComLit 102 M. Goldman Ancient Novel
ComLit 103 Radhakrishnan Transntlsm&Diasporas
ComLit 103 A.M. Johnson Cannibalism
ComLit 103 G. Mimura Queer Id, Race Rep
ComLit 106W A. Gelley City and Literature
English 103 J.W. Hollowell Faraway Places: The Literature of Travel
German 150 G. Levine History & Culture of Jews
History 135E B. Becker Plagues & People
History 152 Y. Chen Ethnic Food & Identity
History 184 Korr Food & Gender
History 192W M.C. Baer Cmprtv Relig Cnvrsn
Latin 103 M. Goldman Petronius
Wmn Stu 155 K. Kim Globalization, Women, Violence

Winter 2005
AFAM 151R. TorresComparative Minority Politics
AFAM 160Fujita-RonyAsian American And African American Relations
AFAM 160L. O'Grady Issues in Hybridity
AFAM 170 P. EssedRace and Gender
Art Hist 103M.M. MilesAge of Alexander
Art Hist 198J.A. WilsonGlobal Visions
Asian Am 110R. RadhakrishnanLiterature Between Worlds
Asian Am 132R. TorresComparative Minority Politics
Comp Lit 104D.L. Al-KassimModern Youth
Criticism 100BW M.A. Goble Culture of Technology
Criticism 100BW J.R. LuptonTragedy and Citizenship
Flm& Mda 190F.C. LimWoman/Nation
History 131 M. BaerIslamic Empires
History 152 D. Fujita-RonyAsnAm/AfAm Relation
History 161J. RodriguezColonial Mexico
History 180 J. KorrFood/Global Society
History 190 M. BaerComparitive Religious Conversion
History 190J. KorrFood : Ethics & Ecology
Womn St. 150C. MoutsatsosFeminist Cltrl Std
Womn St 155K. PhilipGender, Biology, and Environmental Ethics
Womn St 162P. Essed Race & Gender: Gender, Race Everyday Racism
Womn St 164V. PriceGender & Globazation

Fall 2004
Art His 145B F. Scott Architecture AFter 1945
Art His 185 S. Stein Visual Politics
History 180 M. Davis Slums In History
Womn. Std. 150 I. Grewal Feniminst Cultural Studies
Womn. Std. 163 Staff Women of Color

Spring 2004
English 184E.G. AllenHistory of English
Filmstd 130J. LathamRace in Film & TV
History 128CH. Chenut Modern Feminisms
History 144G J. LathamRace in Film & TV
History 192WM.A. LeVineImperialism
History 192 WL.J. MitchellGender & Colonialism
History 192W S.C. TopikHistory of Coffee
Econ 169 G. RichardsonCom in Russia & Asia
Intl Stu 112AS. Schlosser International Business
Intl Stu 120R. A. MatthewGlobal Env Issues
Pol Sci 149BC.A. JacqueminIntl Human Rights

Winter 2004
Asian Am 171AJ. LiuComparative International Migration
Comp Lit 102D. Al-Kassim Modern Youth
Comp Lit 103J.O. NewmanAfterlives of Greeks
English 106S.J. MaillouxRhetoric of Religion
Film Std. 130F.C. Lim Woman/Nation
Film Std. 160StaffHong Kong & Hollywood
History 190A. Epstein US Perceptions of Asia
History 190 M.A. LeVineImperialism
History 190 L.J. MitchellGender & Colonialism
History 190 S.C. TopikHistory of Coffee
Womn Stud. 139WP. EssedGender and Racism in Everyday Life
Womn Stud. 155K. Philip Gender and the Politics of Nature
Anthro 126GD. BellMarriage & Bridewealth
Anthro 138R R. GarfiasCross-Cult Pop Music
Intl Studies 112AS. SchlosserInternational Business
Intl Studies 179L. Kreidie Islam & The West
Pol Sci 154D.J. SolingerComp Pol: 4 Nations
Pol Sci 157AW W.A. SandholtzNationalism
Pol Sci 159K. SadiqPltcs Migrtn Dev Cn
Intl Studies 179K. SadiqPltcs Migrtn Dev Cn

Fall 2003
Art History 180S. Stein Feminism & Art History
Art History 183BS. Stein 20th Century Photography
Classics 160W D. SuttonHomer's Odyssey
Classics 176P. ZissosSlavery in the Ancient World
Latin 105AV. Yates Cicero's Philosophy
East Asian 150S. CarterHaiku Around the Globe
East Asian 155J. FujiiJapan, US & WWII
English E102DL. Barrett Bloomsvury and Harlem
Comp Lit 103S. JarrattSect. A: Global Women's Writing
Comp Lit 103C. Noland Literature and Fetishism
Film Stu 190J. C. RoweLec. D: TV Nationalism in U.S.
History 130AD. SchroeterJewish History
History 175F C. WheelerWar in Vietnam
History 184 D. Fujita-RonyAsian Am/African Am Relations
History 188AS. Reyes-Tuccio History Knowing the World
History 190 Y. ChenCol. B: Ethnic Food & Identity
Spanish 123G. Navajas Film/Architechture/Lit in Spain
Environ E113J.M. WhiteleySoc Ecol of Peace
Environ E125 M.L. BurtonEcological Anthro
Environ E137U J.F. Di MentoInternational Environ Mgmnt
Anthro 125BM.L. Burton Ecological Anthro
Anthro 134E J. McMullinWays of Healing
Anthro 138M G. PritchardLec. A: Music as Exp Cult
Anthro 174AWD.R. White Lec. A: World Cult Comparison
Econ 152P D. BellEcon Traditional Soc I
Intl St 112AS. SchlosserInternational Business
Intl St 121J.M. WhiteleySoc Ecol of Peace
Pol Sci 149A. BryskInternational Human Rights
Sociol 161 StaffSociology of Gender

Spring 2003
Comp Lit 104D. KujundzicSec B: Screening Lit: Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Kurosawa
Film Stu 130F.C. LimLec C: Woman/Nation
History 126BS. FarmerWorld War II
History 190C. WheelerCol C: Voyages - World History
Women's Studies 164C. MoutsatsosGender & Globalization
Environ E 132UR.A. MatthewLec A: Global Env. Issues
Anthro 125AM.L. BurtonEconomic Anthro
Anthro 125ZK.B. LeonardLec A: Muslim Identity in North America
Anthro 129C. MoutsatsosCulture, Consum, & Globl
Pol Sci 141BJ. G. SamstadLec A: Intl Pol Economy
Pol Sci 141CR.M. UriuLec A: Intl Pol Economy: E Asia
Pol Sci 143DR.A. MatthewLec A: Global Env. Issues

Winter 2003
Afam 150AJ. RoweRace and Racism in the Global Age
Art History 198BJ. WilsonPost Colonial Art and Theory
Asian Am 171AJ. LuiComparative International Migration
Criticism 100BW CE. NanesBreaking English
CL 101H. LegrasThe Theories in Dialogue--Coloniality and Marxism
Com Lit 102AS. JarrattGlobal Women's Writing
History 128H. ChenutComparative Modern Feminisms (1792-1949)
History 190FC. WheelerWar and Memory (Vietnam)
Women's Stud 140WL. DavisFeminist Theory
Women's Stud 155AH. SinghFeminism & Anti-Colonial Movements
Anthro 125PD. BellEcon Traditional Soc 1
Anthro 126GD. BellMarriage and Bridewealth
Anthro 138RR. GarfiasCross-Cultural Pop Music
Intl St 189BN. AlaoGeog Global Economy
Intl St 189CA. BryskInternational Human Rights
Pol Sci 129EC.J. KimAnimal Rights
Pol Sci 141AR.A. MatthewEnv Politics and Policy
Pol Sci 145B AP. HammUS-Mexican Relations
Pol Sci 149CA. BryskInternational Human Rights
Pol Sci 154CD.J. SolingerComp Pol: 4 Nations

Fall 2002
Art History 198J. WilsonPost-Colonial Art & Theory
History 130,BD. SchroeterModern Jewish History
History 183, AM. DavisEnvironment: Victorian Age
History 183, BM. LevineSurvey: Islamic History
History 190FD. SchroeterJerusalem: Religion and Conflict in Middle Eastern History

Spring 2002
AFAM 160, LecAL. O'GradyIssues in Hybridity
Art History 118A. GonosovaIslamic Art
Asian Am 150Y. ChenEthnic Food and Identity
Asian Am 171AJ. LiuComparative International Migration
Spanish 187A. SchweglerSpanish in the USA

Winter 2002
Hist 128H. ChenetComparative Modern Feminism
Hist 190EM. LevineRe-Reading History's Imperialism
Hist 190H S. TopikWorld History of Coffee
Women Stu 180AC. MoutsatsosCross Cultural Studies of Gender

Fall 2001

Spring 2001
History 135FB. BeckerPlagues and People
History 158AT. KellyU.S. For Relations Since WWII
WS 184, LecAR. ShehabuddinIslam and Politics
WS 184, LecBR. ShehabuddinPolitics of Development and Modernization

Winter 2001
AFAM 150,CP. EssedEveryday Racism
Art History 114A. GonosovaByzantine Art
Asian Am 150Y. ChenEthnic Food & Identity
Asian Am 150J. LeeImmigration & The New Second Generation
Asian Am 150P. EssedEveryday Racism
Film Studies 190F.T. Rony/J. WilsonA Post Colonial Art and Film
History 114BC. BoydWar and Society in the Twentieth Century
History 130BD. SchroeterModern Jewish History
History 190AY. ChenEthnic Food & Identity

Fall 2000
AFAM 110,BN. MasilelaAfrican Political Thought in Modernity
Art History 140D. JoselitContemporary Art
Art History 185S. Stein/L. MallyVisual Politics
Film Studies 101CF.T. RonyHistory of Film: The Sound Era II
History 130AR. FrankJewish History
History 158CR. BaxterTakin on America's Burden: The U.S. and The Third World
History 184L. Mally/S. SteinVisual Politics
History 190ES. TopikHistory of Coffee
Spanish 131AJ. SefamiLatin American Poetry

Spring 2000
Anthro 136GV. Bernal Colonialism/Gender
Art Hist 198D. WintherArt & Nationalism
Film Stu 101BF. RonyThe Sound Era I
Hist 144GM. FreemanHistory By Hollywood
Hist 158AR. BaxterUS Foreign Relations Since WWII

Winter 2000
Anthro 121DV. Bernal Cross Cultural Studies of Gender
Anthro 125XL. ChavezImmigration in Comparative Perspective
Anthro 138RR. GarfiasCross Cultural Pop Music
Anthro 169V. Bernal Islam & Society
Film Stu 110AA. FriedbergFilm Theory
Film Stu 110BV. CallahanFilm Theory
Hist 190K. NelsonGlobalization/States/90's
Sociol 165AF. CancianSocial Inequality

Fall 1999
Hist 158CStaffAmerica & Third World
Sociol 167AH. DelgaodRacial & Ethnic Relations in the US

Spring 1999
Anthro 121DV. Bernal Cross Cultural Studies of Gender
Art Hist 183BS. Stein20th Century Photography
Film Stu 101BF. Rony The Sound Era I
Hist 144GM. FreemanHistory By Hollywood
Sociol 179R. WilliamsEthnicity World Perspective

Winter 1999
Art Hist 183S. Stein 19th Century Photography
CompLit 100BWL. BarrettRace, Gender, Sexuality
FilmStu 110A. FriedbergClassical Film Theory
FilmStu 198F. RonyRace and Visual Representation
Hist 158AK. NelsonUS Foreign Relations Since WWII
Hist 190K. NelsonGlobalization/Tribes
Hist 192J. RodriguezNations/Nationalism
Sociol 155B. McGraneMass Communications
Sociol 167AJ. DelgadoRace & Ethnic Relations in th US