Locating Asias

AsianAm 100W D. Fujita-Rony Research Method/Field Research
AsianAm 110 K. Katrak Autobiography
AsianAm 110 B. Shroff Lit Of South Asian Diaspora
AsianAm 114 B. Shroff AsianAm Lit/Film Adaptations
AsianAm 150 G. Mimura AsianAm & Pop Cultures
AsianAm 150 C. Huh AsianAm Education & School
AsianAm 151C C. Huh Korean American Experience
AsianAm 151E J. Liu Japanese American Experience
AsianAm 161 J. Liu Racial/Ethnic Communities
AsianAm 164 D. Fujita-Rony AsianAm/AFAM Relations
E. Asian 116 C. Choi Christianity & Modernity In Korea
E. Asian 117 M. Fuller Early Chinese Philosophy
E. Asian 150 K.H. Kim Korean City Narratives
E. Asian 155 G. Iguchi Cultural Studies In East Asia: Anime And History
Flm & Mda 130 G. Mimura AsianAm & Pop Culture
Flm & Mda 160 F. Lim Philippine Cinema
History 171D Q. Guo Chinese History to 1800
History 171G J. Wasserstrom Riot, Rebellion & Revolution In Mod Chinese History
History 173E E.Y. Park Korea 1800 -1945
History 190 J.B. Given Empire Of Steppes
History 190 A. Walthall Women In Modern Japan
History 190 J. Wasserstrom Shanghai & LA Fact & Fiction
Wmn Std 110C I. Grewal Producing Gender Transnationally
Anthro 121D S. O'Rourke X-Cult Stds Gender
Anthro 125X L. Chavez Immigrat Comp. Persp.
Anthro 139 R. Garfias Music Japan & Okinawa
Soc Sci 178E J. Liu Japanese Amer Experience
Soc Sci 185W J. Okane People In Society

Fall 2006
Art Hist. 162B D.E. Winther Japan's Art: 1868 - 1945
Asian Am 150 S. Mazumdar Religious Trad ASAM
Comp. Lit 103 S. Jarratt Globel Women's Writing
E. Asian 116 S. Klein Japanese Ghosts
E. Asian 150 M.A. Fuller Introduction To Classical Chinese Poetry
E. Asian 160 K.H. Kim Korean Cinema
E. Asian 190 J. Fujii Japanese Modernity
Flm & Mda 160 K.H. Kim Korean Cinema
History 170G K. Ragsdale Asia: Pacific War
History 173D E.Y. Park Koean History To 1800
Japanese 115 E. Fowler Voices From Margins
Rel. Std. 120 S. Klein Japanese Ghosts
Womn. Std. 170 S. Klein Japanese Ghosts
Womn. Std. 170 S. Jarratt Global Women's Writing
Intl. Std. 179 S. Bach North Korea Pol & Soc

Spring 2006
Art Hist. 198 D.E. Winther Isamu Noguchi
Asian Am 114 B. Shroff Sexuality Asian Am Film
E. Asian 117 D. Williams Budhsm/Envrnmt Phil
E. Asian 150 G. Iguchi Fantas, Surreal & Marginal In Mod. Japan
E. Asian 150 C. Choi Korean Wmn & Mdrnty
Jpnese 100B W. Brecher Classical Japanese
Jpnese 101C J. Matsura 4th Year Japanese
Korean 115 C. Choi Mod Korean Lit
Sociology 175B F. Wang Chinese Society
Intl. Stud. 179 R. Urui International Political Economy: E. Asia
Intl. Stud. 179 S. D. Bachs North Korea Politics & Society

Winter 2006
Com Lit 104, B J. Hall Transnational Asian Film
E. Asian 116, A C. Choi Christianity/Korean Culture
E. Asian 150 Staff E. Asian Lit in Translation
E. Asian 170, A Y. Hu Gender in Chinese Poetry
E. Asian 190, A Y. Hu Probelms in Biography
E. Asian 190, B E. Fowler Straddling Cultures
Flm&Mda160C K.H. Kim Korean Cinema
History 170, E E.Y. Park East Asian 1600 - 1895
History 172, D A. Walthall Age Of The Samurai
History 172, G K. Ragsdale E Asia - Pacific War
History 173, E E.Y. Park Korea 1800 - 1945
History 175, G C. Wheeler Vietnam Since 1858

Fall 2005
Art His 198 J. C. Ho Paradise/Chinese Art
Asian Am 110 B. Shroff Lit South Asian Diaspora
E. Asian 120 Staff Japanese Literature & Society
E. Asian 143 T. Tran Structure of Vietnamese
E. Asian 150 M. Huang Desire & Chinese Literature
E. Asian 150 K.H. Kim Korean Modernism
Flm & Mda160 L. Steimer Hong Kong Action
History 170D A. Walthall Premodern East Asia
History 173F E.Y. Park Korean History Since 1945
History 173D E.Y. Park Korean History to 1800
History 175D C. Wheeler Vietnamese Histories to 1858

Spring 2005
ComLit 103 J.M. Hall Contemp Jpn Film
ComLit 104 J.M. Hall Sex in Modern Japan
East Asian 120 J.M. Hall Sex in Modern Japan
East Asian 150 E. Fowler Tokyo: A Cultural History
East Asain 160 J.M. Hall Contem Jpn Film
E. Asian 192W Y. Meng Modern Chinese Lit
History 172F K.A. Ragsdale Postwar Japan
History 172G E. Fowler Tokyo: A Cultural History
History 174G V. Chaturvedi Gandhi & Gandhism
History 190 E. Park Military Trad Korea
Korean 115 C. Choi Mod Korean Lit

Winter 2005
Art History 154J.C. HoSelf/Spirit inChinese Art
Chinese 115M. HuangHonglu Meng
East Asian 150 Y. HuLu Xun
East Asian 150K.H. KimKorean War Fiction
East Asian 155K.H. KimHistoriography & Representation
East Asian 190J. Fujii Japanese Modernity
History 171E K.L. PomeranzChina Since 1800
History 172D A. Walthall Age of the Samurai
History 173 E. Park Korean History, 1800-1945
History 190 A. WalthallFrom Edo to Tokyo
Vietmse 115 T. TranIntro to Vietnamese Literature

Fall 2004
Art His 152J.C. HoChinese Art/Myth/Religion
Art His 198J.C. Ho Love & Desire in Chinese Painting
Comp Lit 104J.M. HallJapanese Cinema
East Asian 110M. HuangGender & Modern Chinese Literature
East Asian 120S. Klein Japanese Theater
East Asian 130C. ChoiKorean Society & Culture
East Asian 155J. FujiiTopics Vary
East Asian 160K.H. Kim Korean Cinema
Flm & Mda 160 K.H. KimKorean Cinema
Flm & Mda 160J.M. HallJapanese Cinema
History 171D K.L. PomeranzChinese History to 1800
History 173DE.Y. ParkKorean History to 1800
Japanese 100AS. Klein Classical Japanese

Spring 2004
Art Hist 153J.C. HoArt of The Song Dynasty
Art Hist 190WD.E. Winther TamakiBodies in Japanese Art
Art Hist 198J.C. HoTaoism & Art in China
Asian Am 171D. WoodsPhilippine Radical Traditions
East Asian 116S. KleinJapanese Ghosts
East Asian 125 StaffTopics Vary
East Asian 130C. ChoiKorean Society & Culture
East Asian 150F. GravesPostwar Japanese Lit
East Asian 150M. Huang Chinese Masculinities
East Asian 192WJ. FujiiCulture, Society, Japan
History 172FK.A. RagsdalePostwar Japan
History 174GV. ChaturvediIntellct Hist: India
History 175GD.WoodsPhilippine Radical Traditions
Anthro 163KC. ChoiKorean Soc & Culture
Anthro 164P P.J. GarbPost-Soviet Eurasia
Anthro 169 M. ZhanTransforming China
Pol Sci 141CR.M. UriuIntl Pol Econ: E Asia
Pol Sci 151AD.J. SolingerEast Asian Politics
Pol Sci 151CD.J. Solinger Chinese Politics
Pol Sci 154FP.J. GarbPost-Soviet Eurasia
Pol Sci 159B.N. FieldDemocratization
Sociol 175A C. ChoiKorean Soc & Culture
Intl Stu 179G. RichardsonCom in Russia & Asia

Winter 2004
Art Hist 153J.C. HoArt of Song Dynasty
Art Hist 162CD. Winther-Tamaki Japanese Art: 1945-Present
East Asian 117D. WilliamsBuddhism and Environmental Philosophy
East Asian 120F. Graves

Freedom in Post-War Japan

East Asian 150M. Huang Desire & Chinese Literature
East Asian 155C. Choi Korean Modernism
East Asian 170C. ChoiGender & Nation in Modern Korean Narrative
East Asian 190J. Fujii Colonizing Japan
East Asian 190Y. MengLiterature Themes/Moden China
Film Stud. 190K. Y. SzetoAsian Film in a Global Age
History 172DA. Walthall Age of the Samurai
History 192W V. ChaturvediGandhi & Gandhism
History 192W A. WalthallWomen in Japan
Korean 115 U. KimModern Korean Literature
Anthro 135H K.B. LeonardReligion of South Asian
Intl Studies 179, Lec BR.M. UriuIntl Rel East Asia
Intl Studies 179, Lec CR.M. Uriu Japanese Pol Econ
Pol Sci 149 R.M. UriuIntl Rel East Asia
Pol Sci 159R.M. UriuJapanese Pol Econ
Pol Sci 159K. SadiqPltcs of S& SE Asia
Intl Studies 179K. SadiqPltcs of S & SE Asia

Fall 2003
Art History 162AB. WintherJapanese Art: 1615-1868
East Asian 110Y. MengCity and Literature in Modern China
East Asian 150S. Carter Haiku Around the Globe
East Asian 155J. Fujii Japan, U.S. & WWII
East Asian 160K.H. Kim Korean Cinema
Film Studies 160K.H. KimLec. B: Korean Cinema
Film Studies 190K. Szeto Lec. B: Asian Films in the Global Age
Film Studies 190J.M. HallLec. F: Japanese Visions Horror
History 172F K. RagsdaleImperial Japan
History 190 A. WalthallCol. F: Women in Japan
Pol Sci 151FS.D. BachKorean Pol & Soc
Sociol 175B F. WangChinese Society

Spring 2003
East Asian 110I. WeiChinese Modernity
East Asian 120S.B. KleinJapanese Theatre
East Asian 130C. ChoiKorean Society and Culture
East Asian 150M. HuangMaterpiece of Chinese Novel
East Asian 150T. FowlerTokyo Stories
East Asian 170C. ChoiGender And Nation: Modern Korean Narrative
East Asian 192WK.H. KimVisuality and Historiography
History 171CK. RagsdalePostwar Japan
History 172CE. ParkKorean History Since 1945
History 175M. HuModern China: State and Society
History 176M. HuModern Chinese Women
History 179V. ChaturvediLec A: Nationalism: India
History 179C. WheelerLec B: History of Vietnam
Anthro 163KC. ChoiKorean Society and Culture
Anthro 169C. SchwenkelGender & SouthEast Asia
Pol Sci 149K. HirataLec A: International Pol SE Asia
Pol Sci 159N. ArasLec A: South Asian Politics

Winter 2003
Art History 162BB. Winther-TamakiJapanese Art 1868-1945
Art History 198AJ. HoLove and Desire in Chinese Painting
East Asian 100M. HuangGender and Modern Chi Lit
East Asian 120J. FujiImages of Japan
East Asian 150AU. KimModern Korean Literature
East Asian 150BY. MengEast Asian Intellectuals
East Asian 155C. ChoiColonial Modernity, Visualt, and the City
East Asian 190AT. FowlerJapan on the Brink
East Asian 190BK.H. KimVisualty and Historiography
History 171AA. WalthallAge of the Samurai
History 171BK. RagsdaleImperial Japan
History 172BH. SunooKorea (1800-1945)
History 175R. WongChina Policy/Economics (1949-)
History 176AM. HuModern Chinese Cities
History 176BM. HuModern Chinese Society
History 190GR. WongOpium in China
Anthro 169CM. ZhanTransforming China
Intl St 179BR. M. UriuIntl Rel East Asia
Intl St 179CR. M. UriuJapanese Politics Econ
Pol Sci 149AR. M. UriuIntl Rel East Asia
Pol Sci 151BD. J. SolingerIntro Chinese Politics
Pol Sci 151FS. BachKorean Politics & Society
Pol Sci 159AR. M. UriuJapanese Pol Econ

Fall 2002
Art History 152J. HoMiniature Worlds
East Asian 150S. CarterTale of Genji
East Asian 155J. Fujii9/11Asia Globalization
East Asian 160K.H. KimKorean Cinema
Film Studies 160F.T. KimKorean Cinema
History 190BV. ChaturvediColonial Power: India

Spring 2002
East Asian 117StaffBuddhist Philosophy
East Asian 120S.B. KleinJapanese Ghosts
East Asian 150T. FowlerTokyo: A Cultural History
East Asian 160T.FowlerSatyajit Ray: Auteur

Winter 2002
Art Hist 154J. HoChinese Painting & Practice
Ea As 150U. KimProblems of Emergent Modernity
Ea As 170Y. HuGender & Modern Chinese Literature
Ea As 190K. H. KimVisuality & Historiography
Hist 171AA. WalthallAge of the Samurai
Hist 171BK. RagsdaleImperial Japan
Hist 172BE. ParkKorea, 1850-1950
Hist 178BE. ParkEast Asia, 1600-1895
Hist 179V. ChaturvediIndia Nationalism
Hist 190iC. WheelerNationalism in Vietnam

Fall 2001
Art Hist 198J. HoTaoism and Art in Cinema
Ea As 150S. CarterHaiku Around the Globe
Ea As 160 K. H. KimEast Asian Film
Hist 170AE. Park Korean History to 1800
Hist 178AA. WalthallPre-Modern India
Hist 179AV. ChaturvediMaking of Modern India
Hist 179BB. WheelerWar in Vietnam

Spring 2001
Art History 153J. HoSong Dynasty Painting
CH 115Y. Meng"Avant-Guard" Cultures In China, Hong Kong, & Taiwan
East Asian 120A. HurleyTrauma and Memory
East Asian 160E. FowlerMizoguchi: Auteur
History 171CK. RagsdalePostwar Japan
History 172AE. ParkKorea Since 1800
History 172BK. PomeranzModern Chinese Family
History 172CD. WoodsSourtheast Asia 1500 - 1900
History 172DD. WoodsPhillipine Radical Tradition

Winter 2001
Art History 162BD. WintherJapanese Art 1868-1945
East Asian 110Meng YueVisions Of The City In The Chinese Context
East Asian 150M. HuangMasterpieces of the Chinese Novel
East Asian 150J.A. Fuji(Topics in East Asian Literture In Translations) Japanese Literature Of The City
History 171BK. RagsdaleImperial Japan
History 172AE. ParkKorean History To 1800
History 172BR. B. WongEast Asia 1850 - 1950
History 172CD. WoodsSoutheast Asia to 1500
History 172CD. WoodsPhilippine History
History 190DE. ParkMilitary Tradition in Korea

Fall 2000
Art History 150S. QuintanillaSculpture of India
Asian AM 114 150S. MazumdarReligious Traditions of Asian Americans
East Asian 150S. CarterThe Tale of Genji
East Asian 150M. FullerChinese Poetry
History 175R. WongChina Policy/Economics 1949-

Spring 2000
AsAm 141M. TakemotoAsian American Psychology
AsAm 150Y. ChenEthnic Food and Identity
AsAm 150E. ShrakeAsian Americans and Education in a Multicultural Society
AsAm 150E. ShrakeAsian American Culture
AsAm 150C. CollettAsian American in California Politics
AsAm 150A. DesouzaAsian American Visual Art
AsAm 151 S. LayCambodian American Experience
AsAm 151K. LeonardMuslim Identities in North America
AsAm 151CE. ShrakeKorean American Experience
EA 155J. FujiiJapan as Spectacle at the end of the Century
EA 160E. FowlerThe Cinema of Akira Kurosawa
Hist 172AD. Woods20th Century Southeast Asia
Hist 172BD. WoodsPhilippine History

Winter 2000
AsAm 115Y. MinAsian Diaspora in Contemporary Art
AsAm 150,BE. Shrake Asian Americans and the Public School System
AsAm 151D. Fujita Rony Filipino/a American History post 1965
AsAm 151V. PhamVietnamese in America: New Perspecives
AsAm 161E. ShrakeRacial and Ethnic Community
Japanese 115E. FowlerViews of Modern Japanese Fiction
Korean 115Suk-Jung HanKorean Resistance Literature
EA 150J. FujiiCapitalism and Modern Japanese Literature
EA 155C. ChoiPolitics of Culture
EA 190K. Kim Historiography and Visuality
English 105K. KatrakAsian American & Postcolonial Writers: Re-writing History, Myth, Memory
Hist 152AD. RonyPost 1965 Filipino Americans
Hist 152BPham Vietnamese Americans: New Perspectives

Fall 1999
AsAm 114B. ShroffSexuality in Asian and Asian American Film & Video
AsAm 150E. ShrakeInter-Ethnic Relations and Asian America
AsAm 150G. Mimura Asian Americans and Poplular Culture
AsAm 151AD. Fujita RonyFilipino/a American History Pre 1965
AsAm 151CE. ShrakeKorean American Experience
AsAm 151DD. PhamVietnamese American Experience
EA 160K. KimEast Asian Cinema
Hist 152BD. Fujita RonyAsian American Labor

Spring 1999
Anthro 135HK. Leonard Religion South Asia
Art H 153J. HoThe Song Dynasty (960 - 1279)
AsAm 114B. ShroffAsian American Literature and Film Adaptations
AsAm 114B. ShroffSexauality in Asian and Asian American Film & Video
AsAm 141M. TakemotoAsian American Psychology
AsAm 151DC. PhamUS-Vietnam Relations: The Refugee Movement
Hist 43BK. Pomeranz Modern China
Hist 171CA. WalthallPostwar Japan
Hist 192W.K. NelsonGlobalization/Tribes

Winter 1999
Art Hist 152J. HoArt and Regilion of the Tang Dynasty
Art Hist 162B. WintherJapanese Art Since 1945
Art Hist 198B. WintherImage, Nation, Asia
AsAm 110M. YamadaAsian American Writing Lifestories: Disc. Cultural Heritages
AsAm 150G. MimuraAsian Americans and Popular Culture
AsAm 161J. LiuRacial and Ethnic Communities
EA 150J. FujiiCapitalism and Japanese Literature
EA 150K. KimInterpretations of Modern Korea
EA 155C. ChoiPolitics of Culture
EA 190StaffModernity and Gender in East Asia
Hist 172D. WoodsPhilippine Radical Tradition: Patterns of Resistance
Hist 190CK. HufbauerAsian Americans in Science, Tech. & Med. since WWII
WS 171EA. WalthallJapanese Women

Fall 1998
Art H 165B. WintherAsian American Art History
AsAm 114B. ShroffSouth and South East Asian American Diasporic Film & Video
AsAm 150Y. ChenChinese America: The Development of Cultural Diversity in US
AsAm 151StaffFilipino/a American
AsAm 151DD. PhamVietnamese American Experience
AsAm 162S. MazumdarAsian American Women
East A 150S. CarterLecture A: The Tale of Genji
East A 160K.H. KimAsian Cinema
Hist 152CY. ChenChinese Americans: US Culture
Hist 190DA. WalthallJapanese Women
Hist 190FB. WongThe Chinese Diaspora