Student Grievances

If a student feels some procedure in the program has not been properly followed, or has some other grievance concerning his/her treatment within the program, s/he has several avenues to pursue redress. All students should feel free to approach with their concerns (in roughly this order): the staffs of Art History and Film and Media Studies, the instructor of a particular course, their principal advisor(s), the Director of Visual Studies, the Chair of the Art History Department or the Chair of Film and Media Studies, and the Office of Graduate Studies. Students also have recourse to the Office of the University Ombudsman, which serves as the place of both first approach (helping students think through the problem and devising a plan for addressing it) and final appeal (intervening when nothing else has succeeded). With whom a grievance should be raised depends, of course, on the nature of the complaint, although it generally makes sense to attempt to resolve any difficulties at the lowest possible level of the academic hierarchy.