Program Governance

The Graduate Program in Visual Studies is administered by the Visual Studies faculty, which consists of all regular members of the faculties of Art History and Film and Media Studies at UCI. Adjunct faculty and those holding other courtesy titles are welcome to attend Visual Studies faculty meetings but may not vote.

Since the faculty as a whole cannot and need not trouble itself with the daily running of the graduate program, for that task the Visual Studies faculty will nominate from among its own ranks, to be ratified by the Chair of Art History and the Chair of Film and Media Studies, a Visual Studies Graduate Committee (VSGC), which will consist of 4-5 members, with normally at least two representatives from each unit. One member of the VSGC will be designated the Director of Visual Studies for the program. In addition, a student representative to the committee will be selected by the Visual Studies Graduate Students (see below), although this representative will not be allowed to participate in committee discussions that involve the evaluation or funding of specific students.

The Director of Visual Studies and VSGC are the administrative arms of the Visual Studies faculty as a whole, with whom all policy decisions reside. Accordingly, the Visual Studies faculty as a whole will ratify all recommendations coming to it concerning such important matters as the graduate curriculum of the program, the selection of applicants to the program, and the allocation of fellowship funds and Teaching Assistantships to the program's graduate students. In practice, the Director of Visual Studies and/or the VSGC will frequently attempt to resolve minor issues without consulting the faculty as a whole. Since the Visual Studies Program has no independent budget or resources of it own (except certain funds for graduate student support), from time to time the Director of Visual Studies and/or the VSGC will petition the Chair of Art History and/or the Chair of Film and Media Studies, either for funds or resources controlled by the academic units, or with the request that an appeal to the Dean of Humanities be made on behalf of the Program in Visual Studies.