The Ph.D. Program in Visual Studies is located on the second floor of the Humanities Gateway building in the School of Humanities, UC Irvine main campus. The entire second floor is devoted to both departments that comprise Visual Studies, Art History and Film and Media Studies. Faculty offices of both disciplines are side by side.

The floor contains the offices of all department and program staff, as well as a kitchen, Xerox copy room, and faculty mailboxes, for use by faculty, staff and graduate students only. Faculty and staff useage do take precedence over student usage.

The floor also houses the Graduate Library, a room for use by graduate students only that houses mailboxes for all graduate students, as well as couches and chairs for meeting and study. Additionally, program Teaching Assistants have a large office devoted solely to holding office hours, meeting with students, grading papers and lesson prep. The Teaching Assistant office contains a few simple computers for graduate student use only. All students are given remote printing capabilities for the Xerox machine and are allotted a certain amount of copies per year; after that, a small fee can be paid to the department for continued usage.

Students have the ability to reserve the multiple conference rooms housed on the second floor for events, workshops, study groups, private testing, etc. Contact VS Staff with this request.
The Department of Art History and the Department of Film and Media studies may have additional equipment available to students upon request, including large bed color scanners and film equipment. Requests can be made yet are not always granted for use of these materials.

UC Irvine at large also contains many student resources including libraries, eateries, entertainment, the bookstore, the student center, counseling and support centers, etc.