Student Records and Teaching Evaluations

Academic and employment records for all students enrolled in the program will be maintained in the offices of the Department of Art History and the Department of Film and Media Studies, under the direction of the Visual Studies Graduate Coordinator. The Graduate Coordinator maintains for each student an academic file relating to their progress in the program, which includes a section containing the student's Teaching Evaluations as completed by course instructors. Teaching Assistants can access teaching evaluations filled out by their students by logging into the EEE (Electronic Educational Environment) after final grades have been submitted.

Access to students' academic files is highly restricted. These files can be viewed only by members of the program faculty with a legitimate academic purpose for doing so, such as the faculty advisor, and by students interested in reviewing their own dossiers. All contents of a student's dossier are available for the student to review.

Each spring, at a meeting devoted to this purpose, the Visual Studies Graduate Committee reviews feedback submitted by the program faculty on the progress of all enrolled students. Compiled faculty feedback is added to the student's dossier following the annual review.