Advising, Committee Members and Mentoring

Program Guidelines

Students are required to confirm their primary advisor by the end of their first year in the program. Confirmed advisors sign each student’s Degree Audit Form, which is kept by the Graduate Coordinator in the student’s file. Students decide whom they would like to serve as their advisors (and, later, committee members). It is expected that students will approach and formally ask faculty to serve as their advisors or committee members, even in cases when there was an implicit “fit” between students and faculty. Advisors are not assigned, nor do advisors pick their advisees.

Advancement committees include 5 members, including one outside faculty member who is not Visual Studies faculty. Students are expected to formally confirm their dissertation committee members prior to the advancement defense.

Dissertation committees include at least 3 members but may include more; a majority of the members must be Visual Studies faculty.

Faculty and students each have the right to terminate or change (such as asking an advisor to become a committee member and vice versa) their relationship without fear of retaliation. Changes should be communicated to the Graduate Coordinator and recorded in the student’s file.

For more information, see Visual Studies Mentoring and Advising Best Practices and Guidelines

Campus Policies

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