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Tavleen Kaur (2019)


B.A., University of North Carolina-Charlotte
M.S., Architectural History & Theory, University of Washington
M.S., History & Theory of Architecture, University of Michigan

Biography/Additional Information

Advisor: Bridget Cooks
Dissertation: "Sikh Diasporic Necropolitics: Hate Violence Against Bodies and Buildings in the Age of Empire"
Research Interests: How the bodies and buildings of ethno-religious minority communities become victims of hate violence. In particular, she looks at how the contemporary Sikh American community has been racialized and victimized due to state violence in the form of Islamophobic rhetoric and policies; Sikh American community’s buildings (gurdwara) becoming targets of racist graffiti, vandalism, and arson, as fueled by Islamophobic and xenophobic hate speech and policy. She examines how the Sikh American community reproduces narratives of nationhood and belonging and how it challenges various tropes of state violence that target its bodies and buildings.

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