Fall 18

Welcome! New Visual Studies Students 2017

Dan Bustillo, California Institute of the Arts, Hunter College City of New York
Research Interests: Western medieval persecution history, early modern classification systems, history of health and empire, post-9/11 U.S. security state, surveillance, homonationalism, contemporary political art
Sam A. Carter, University of Amsterdam, Brown University
Research Interests: Digital cultures, postcolonialism

Kylie Ching, University of California, Irvine
Research Interestss: Asian-American studies, feminist and queer theory, memory, and race

Kelly Donahey, University of California, Irvine
Research Interests: The art world, theory and conceptual art, Jack Goldstein, experimental film, representation and bias, einfühlung, immanent critique

Kathie Foley-Meyer, California Institute of the Arts, Georgetown University
Research Interests: the history of African Americans in Los Angeles-1940s and beyond, invisibility and hyper-visibility of black women in art and popular culture, social issues in contemporary black visual culture

Sarah Fugfugosh-Munoz, California State University, Los Angeles
Research Interests: Seventeenth century visual culture in Italy and France, aerial illusionism [di sotto in sù and quadratura], Baroque religious theater and scenography, the development and tradition of iconographic and emblematic literature

Eric Hahn, New York University, Purchase College State University of New York
Research Interests: Trauma studies, film, new media

Shawn Jewett, University of Colorado at Denver
Research Interests: Representations of class in popular American film and media, class and political economy, social semiotics, film history/industry and neoliberalism

Justin Keever, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Research Interests: game studies, the spatial/temporal structures of digital environments, late capitalism, the effects of neoliberal policy on popular art

Ashley Bryan Marin, University of California, San Diego
Research Interests: The Sublime, Popular and Visual Culture, Mexican Diaspora, 18th - 19th century European art

Molly Thrailkill, New York University, Colgate University
Research Interests: History of photography, photojournalism and documentary, particularly images of violence and atrocity, contemporary visual culture and new media

KT Wong, Lafayette College
Research Interests: Game studies, ludomusicology, media archaeology, translation studies, transmedia storytelling

Xinyue Yuan, University of London, Sun Yat Sen University
Research Interests: Modern Chinese art and visual culture from global perspective, history of antiquarianism, art and materiality, environmental art, performance art
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