End of Year VS Party
Date Time Program Title
02/19/2005:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesThe Third Annual UCI Film and Media Studies Spotlight Showcase Event
02/07/2012:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesBook Talk by Dr. Curtis Marez (Professor, Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego) By the LA River of Babylon: Film and Race Politics on Campus
11/22/1902:00 PMVisual Studies"Afterimage" informal talk with the editor Karen vanMeenen
11/08/1912:00 PMVisual StudiesThe Ph.D. Job Market: A Talk with VS Alumni professor Nicole Woods
10/18/1902:00 PMVisual StudiesScreening: Nailed It | A Documentary about the Vietnamese Nail Industry
05/08/1905:00 PMVisual StudiesVisual Studies Book Talk by Bonnie Ruberg
04/26/1908:00 AMVisual StudiesVisual Studies Graduate Student Conference 'Vision as a Critique' Studying Visual Culture
04/18/1908:00 AMVisual StudiesVS Film Screening Series this Thursday! 'A Silent Voice: The movie
03/07/1903:00 PMVisual StudiesVISUAL STUDIES MOCK SCMS PANEL
11/15/1804:00 PMVisual Studies#1960Now Photographs of Civil Rights Activists and Black Lives Matter Protests
11/09/1803:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesThe Latin Dragon Going Global - Talk by Moisés Park
10/25/1807:00 PMVisual StudiesVS Film Screening Series (Next October 25, 2018) HG 1070
09/27/1806:30 PMFilm and Media StudiesSway - Screening and Q&A with director
06/08/1805:00 PMVisual StudiesVS End of Year Event
06/06/1812:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesFMS End of the Year Celebration
06/02/1805:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesZOTFEST 2018
05/31/1812:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesCanvas workshop and skill share
05/23/1807:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesAMERICAN ANIMALS: Advance Film Screening
05/14/1803:00 PMFilm and Media StudiesMusic and Sound Design in Games
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