UC Irvine

Alexander Gelley


The Seminar will meet for five weeks, in three 3-hour sessions per week. Additional meetings will be set aside for film screenings (see Readings and Films). Any participant who would like to submit a recent piece, published or not, for group discussion will be given the opportunity to do so.

During the first four weeks the discussion and readings will follow the plan below. The last week will be left open for presentation and discussion of work that participants have prepared during the Seminar period or for other purposes to be determined jointly by the group. Participants will be encouraged to join in smaller groups for collaborative work within the Seminar, such as leading one of the discussions of the whole group

In the course of the Seminar the participants will have an opportunity to become familiar, if they had not already done so, with Benjamin's writings, criticism related to these, etc. However, since many of the participants will be engaged in research projects of their own, we will avoid rigid assignments. About 100 pages of reading each week will be designagted by the director as a basis for the discussions. In addition participants will be asked to suggest further materials.