Withdrawal and Readmission


If you wish to withdraw from a quarter for which you have already paid fees or enrolled in classes, you must obtain the dean’s signature on a Cancellation/Withdrawal Petition, and submit the signed form to the Registrar’s Office.

If you decide to leave UCI and have not yet paid fees, you must notify the Registrar's Office of your intention so that you are not assessed fees for the following quarter or, if already assessed, the Billing System can "deassess" you.

It is strongly recommended that you meet with an Academic Counselor before deciding to withdraw from the university.  Some things to consider before making a decision about withdrawing from the University:

  • Implications for Financial Aid and Housing
  • If you are away from UCI for more than one year, you will be held to the degree requirements in place at the time you are readmitted.
  • Missing courses only offered in that quarter.

Late Fees: 
Friday of the third week of classes is the absolute last day to pay fees for the quarter.  If fees are not paid by that time, you are no longer a UCI student – this means that you will not be allowed to register for that quarter and must file an Application for Readmission to return in a future quarter.


Readmission to UCI is NOT automatic.  If you have not attended UCI for a quarter or more, you must schedule an appointment with an Academic Counselor to be readmitted to the University.  If you are approved for readmission, a filing fee will be charged to your ZotBill.

Deadline to Apply for Readmission:

Fall: August 1st

Winter: November 1st

Spring: February 1st

A readmitted student who has not been enrolled at UCI for three or more consecutive quarters (excluding summer sessions) will be held to the requirements in effect the quarter of re-entry.

Students with junior standing* upon readmission must have:

  • Satisfactorily completed the UCI lower-division writing requirement; and
  • Declared a specific major for which they are qualified

*junior standing is defined as completion of a minimum of:  90 quarter units, or 4 semesters/6 quarters of approved college level course work

Disqualified Students:
If you have been disqualified from the University, you will be held to earlier deadlines and additional requirements.