Online Forms

All Online-Forms are for Humanities Majors ONLY.

Use this form to inform us of your intent to take courses outside of UCI and to have courses evaluated in advance for applicability toward degree requirements.  Transferability of courses will be determined by the Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools upon receipt of an official transcript. Check the Senior Residency requirement before submitting an Advance Contract.

Use this form to request permission to enroll in excess units (more than 20 units during Fall, Winter or Spring, or more than 10 units during a Summer Session).  You may also use the form to request more than 18 units during the initial enrollment window, but strong justification would be required.  Unless you are a graduating senior with a submitted graduation application, you must submit your request for excess units AFTER the 18-unit enrollment limit is lifted (see the Registrar's calendar:; requests submitted before this date will not be considered.

This form is NOT for requesting authorization codes for classes. Please contact the instructor or department of the course to request authorization codes. Use this form to request authorization to enroll in a UCI course if you satisfied the prerequisite in some way other than taking a class at UCI (e.g. by taking an equivalent course at another school).  This form cannot be used to request authorization for a course that is already full, is restricted to majors only, is restricted to upper-division students only, or is otherwise restricted.

If the status of your graduation Application is “received”, use this form to request a change (change the term of intended graduation, add or delete a minor).  If the status of your graduation application is “pending”, you do not need to submit this form – you can make changes to your application in Student Access.

Use this form to learn about academic guidelines for studying abroad with the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP).  All EAP applicants must review these guidelines prior to submitting an application to the Center for International Education.

This petition is for students who received a placement of "Spanish 3B/101A" on the placement exam and wish to enroll in upper-division courses without completing Spanish 3B. Placement exam information can be found at the UCI Testing Center.

Downloadable Forms

Use this form to obtain approval to enroll in an Independent Study course.

Use this form to petition to substitute a course taken at UCI or another U.S. university (including UCI Summer Travel-Study).  Download the petition form for more instructions.

Use this form to petition to substitute a course or courses taken abroad through EAP or IOP.  Download the petition form for more instructions.

Use this form as a coversheet for documentation submitted for requests to Add/Drop/Change for the current quarter after Add/Drop/Change deadlines have passed. You can download and type in your information or print out the form and write in your information.

An academic course plan is required for students with advanced standing to add or change majors in the School of Humanities. The course plan should outline which courses you plan to take each quarter (to the best of your knowledge), and demonstrate that you have a plan to complete all degrees in a timely manner.