Statistics on Majors

The following reports are of particular interest for academic departments:

a. The Office of Institutional Research posts several reports on academic majors:

      • Enrollments: To see the number of students in a particular major, select: “Enrollment by school and major, duplicated headcount, Fall/Winter/Spring/3-term-average (3TA)”
      • Degrees Awarded: To find the number of degrees awarded in a particular major, select “Degrees conferred, by major”
      • Student Credit Hours

b. Admissions data

The Office of Admissions posts reports, by major, on the number of students who apply, are admitted, and who accept the offer of admission:

c. Registrar reports

    • Historical enrollment in specified courses
      This registrar tool allow you to query on past enrollment for a specified course:
    • Lists of current students: In WebAdmin, a staff member can go to “Reports” to obtain a current list of students in a specified major.
    • For other reports you need regarding students in your major (e.g. list of students who have applied to graduate, list of students who have a certain GPA), you may request a report from the registrar, using the AdHoc Data Request form