Incompletes and NR Notations

The following summary of UCI regulations and policies relating to the grade of Incomplete, the No Report notation, and postquarter drops is based upon Academic Senate regulations and upon interpretations by the Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction. It was developed in consultation with the Council of Chief Academic Advisors and with the Senior Academic Counselors. (July 5, 1996)

I. Incomplete

Academic Senate regulations state that a grade of Incomplete "may be assigned when a student's work is of passing quality but is incomplete for good cause" (emphasis added). An Incomplete grade must be made up within three quarters or it will change to an “F” on the student's transcript.

The intent of the regulation is to deal with situations where the student fails to complete a limited portion of the work of a course for such reasons as illness, accident, or other unforeseen emergency. The instructor is entitled to judge the appropriateness of the reason for an I grade and to specify how and when it is to be made up. If a student fails to make up an Incomplete as agreed, it is entirely proper to change it to an F.

The granting of an I grade to a student who is doing failing work, who has not made prior arrangements for the Incomplete with the instructor, or who fails to establish good cause is prohibited. An I grade is never an appropriate option for a student who is simply not performing as well as desired.

II. No Report

The notation No Report (NR) is entered by the Registrar when an instructor turns in no grade for a student. The No Report notation may be removed within one quarter if it can be established that a clerical or procedural error has occurred. After one quarter, the NR changes to a grade of F (or NP).

Normally an NR is a consequence of a situation where an instructor has insufficient information upon which to base the assignment of a grade. A typical example would occur when a student whose name appears on the course report completed little or no work in a class.

III. Postquarter Drops

Senate regulations specify that any drop after the end of the second week of instruction requires the approval of the dean of the course and the academic dean of the student's major school.

On occasion, there is a legitimate reason for a student to drop a class after this deadline. For example, a student who would otherwise have been granted permission to drop might have been ill during the latter part of the quarter. To deal with such situations, a procedure has been developed for postquarter drops. Please note that a student is not eligible for a postquarter drop if he/she been assigned a grade.  Students should be referred to the Humanities Counseling Office to initiate the procedure of requesting a post-quarter drop, and the Counseling Office will contact the instructor to request approval.  In addition, the dean of the school offering the course, and the dean of student's major school must approve the post-sixth week drop.

Visit the Registrar's website for additional information on University grading policy.