Grade Change Guidelines for Instructors


      1. Access WebGrades for the term and course.
      2. Click Request Post-Quarter Grade Changes.
      3. Locate student and assign the new grade.
      4. Click Submit Grade Changes into Approval Process.
      5. Provide a concise description of the error(s) necessitating the change request. Do NOT simply put "clerical error" or "procedural error." You must explain what kind of error was made to require the grade change.
      6. Click Submit Request or cancel and return to WebGrades.

II. APPROVAL. Routinely granted on the following grounds:

      1. Clerical or procedural error. The reason must be specified in order for the form to be processed. “Clerical” or “Procedural error” is an insufficient explanation. Explanations for a clerical or procedural error include but are not limited to the following:
        *attendance/test score/assignment was not included, miscalculation of grade, etc.
        *entered wrong grade in WebGrade, forgot to give grade for student, etc.
        *student should have been given an ‘NR’ or ‘I’ to allow extra time to complete work, etc.
      2. Change of Incomplete grade. This must be submitted within three quarters following its assignment. Note that the last day for a student to submit work for an incomplete is the final day of the academic quarter (last day of Finals Week). You can still submit a grade change after the deadline so long as you note on the form that “the student submitted work by the deadline.” In some instances, you may be asked to explain the reason for the delay (e.g. out of town, forgot to submit grade change, personal matters, etc.).
      3. Removal of an NR grade. Must be done within one quarter following its assignment if evidence exists that the student was enrolled in error. Evidence could include such things as enrollment in multiple sections of the same course or disappearance part-way through the quarter.

III. DENIALS. The Dean’s office will not approve grade changes based upon the following grounds:

      1. Reasons other than clerical or procedural error. Such changes are contrary to Academic Senate regulations.
      2. Reevaluation of a student’s work or completion of additional work.
      3. Lack of documentation.
      4. Late submission. Requests must be turned in within a reasonable interval after initial assignment of grade. “Reasonable interval” must remain imprecise, though generally it is expected that grade changes should be submitted within one quarter after grades are assigned (three quarters in the case of Incomplete grades).
      5. Removal of an NR grade in cases where student was denied permission to drop the class or would have been denied such permission.
      6. Changes to or from P/NP after the grade is assigned.
      7. Replacement of an Incomplete grade with a drop (W).
      8. “Cosmetic” grade changes—i.e. requests motivated by a desire to “clean up” a transcript prior to sending it to prospective employers, grad schools, etc.


      1. Exceptions to the above policies which are not dictated by Academic Senate regulations are possible in extraordinary situations, but it is expected that such expectations will be rare. The fundamental criterion for granting an exception is that the need for it must result from circumstances beyond the student’s control.
      2. A petition signed by a teaching assistant/associate must be countersigned by the faculty member in charge of the course.
      3. The student may not deliver the grade change to the Dean’s office. It must be delivered by you or a staff member or sent through campus mail.

Tip #1: The MOST common reason why grade changes are returned is the lack of an explanation. Please remember that checking off/writing “procedural” or “clerical” error is not enough.

Tip #2: If a student is missing work for a class and you are willing to allow this work to be calculated into the final grade after the quarter is over, you need to assign an ‘I’ or an ‘NR’ rather than assigning a temporary grade. See II. 2 for explanation.

Please call ext. 5132 if you have questions.