EAP Guidelines

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Humanities EAP Guidelines

Guidelines for selecting a program:
  • If you plan to be abroad during the regular academic year (Fall, Winter or Spring), you are advised to check when required courses for your degree are offered at UCI. Some majors (for example, Film & Media Studies and Literary Journalism) have course sequences that must be completed in order and courses that are only offered once per year, so missing a required class may result in delaying graduation.

  • Remember that you must meet the Humanities time to degree policy: Students who entered as freshmen may enroll for a maximum of 15 quarters and students who entered as transfers may enroll for a maximum of 9 quarters.

  • You need to have met the Entry-level writing requirement before studying abroad. Also, be sure you are still able to complete lower-division writing GE before the end of your sixth quarter at UCI.

Guidelines for selecting courses:

Courses taken abroad on EAP will automatically transfer to UCI for elective unit credit toward graduation. If you plan to petition for courses taken abroad to meet degree requirements, you must make sure that courses meet the following criteria:
  • All courses taken abroad to meet degree requirements must be worth at least 4 quarter units.

  • You must ensure that courses taken abroad are upper-division if you wish to use them to meet upper-division major requirements.

  • Most EAP courses are upper-division and so you are not likely to find courses that meet GE categories I-VI.

  • All courses taken abroad for the major or School requirements must be completed for a letter grade.

  • All courses taken abroad to meet degree requirements must be approved by a faculty member upon return to UCI. Bring back syllabi and/or reading lists for all courses to petition for applicability.

  • All Humanities majors and minors at UCI have a residency requirement, listed on the degree check and in the UCI General Catalogue. Courses required to meet residency in the major cannot be taken abroad unless specifically stated in the residency requirement.

If you have any questions about the advice provided here, please contact a Humanities Academic Counselor in HIB 143.