The following events will take place during the 13th Annual Mexican Conference at UCI:

VIII Latin American Film Festival

  • Thursday, April 26 @ 7pm: “Miroslava” (Mexico, 1993). El director, Alejandro Pelayo, estará presente para discutir la película.


    Plot summary: Mexico, 1955. A beautiful and popular movie star, Miroslava Sternova (Dombasle) is depressed tonight. Sad memories fill her mind: her childhood in the pre-war Prague, one failed marriage, several attempts to be taken as a serious actress and the betrayal of the man she loved. As she prepares to commit suicide her entire life reveals itself on the screen, showing us the portrait of a lonely woman. 100 min. Spanish/Czech with English subtitles.
  • Friday, April 27 @ 7pm: “El favor” (Argentina, 2004) Director: Pablo Sofovich
  • Saturday, April 28 @ 7pm: “O dia…” (Brasil)