Affiliated Faculty

Elizabeth Allen
Associate Professor of English (medieval literature; theories of reception; exemplary and didactic literature; literature and ethics; literature and affect; history of English language; Old English)
Published Books
Francisco J. Ayala
University Professor and Donald Bren Professor of Biological Sciences (Population
& Evolutionary Genetics; Origin of Species; Philosophy of Biology; the Interface between
Religion and Science)
Stanley Bailey
Associate Professor of Sociology (Sociology of Religion; Race and Ethnicity, Comparative and International Perspectives; Mass Killings; Latin America; Border Studies)
Victoria Bernal
Associate Professor of Anthropology (Feminist theory and gender; civil society, globalization, cyberspace, transnationalism; the Islamic revival; peasants, labor migration; Africa, Muslim societies)
Roland Betancourt
Associate Professor of Art History (Medieval and Byzantine art, contemporary popular culture, critical and queer theory)
Published Books
Susan K. Brown
Associate Professor, Sociology (International migration, educational inequality, urban
Carol M. Burke
Professor of English (folk belief, folklore; creative non-fiction)
Published Books
Jean-Paul CarvalhoAssociate Professor of Economics
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Vinayak Chaturvedi
Associate Professor of History (South Asia, Social and Intellectual History)
Published Books
Yong Chen
Associate Professor of History and Asian American Studies (Asian-American history; late-nineteenth and twentieth-century American social and cultural history; immigration history)
Published Books
James T. Chiampi
Professor of Italian (Italian Renaissance)
Published Books
Chungmoo Choi
Associate Professor of East Asian Languages & Literature (Modern Korea; post-colonial and colonial discourse; Marxism and Christianity; popular cultures and anthropology)
Published Books
Susan B. Coutin
Professor of Criminology, Law and Society & Associate Dean, Graduate Division
(immigration and border issues; law; Central America; political and religious activism;
human rights; sanctuary movement)
Touraj Daryaee
Professor of History (Ancient and Medieval Iran, Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism, Associate
Director of the Samuel M. Jordan Center for Persian Studies)
Published Books
Rebecca Davis
Assistant Professor of English (Old and Middle English literature; Piers Plowman; medieval religious culture; women’s writing; medieval philosophy)
Published Books
Michael Fuller
Associate Professor and Chair of East Asian Languages & Literature (Classical Chinese
poetry and poetics; the cultural and intellectual contexts for poetry; aesthetic theory; linguistic
issues in classical Chinese)
Published Books
Sean Greenberg
Associate Professor of
Simcha Gross
Assistant Professor of
Qitao Guo
Associate Professor of History (social, cultural, and religious history of China in the Ming and Qing dynasties)
Published Books
Andromache Karanika
Associate Professor of Classics (Greek epic poetry, Greek Lyric, Folklore)
Published Books
Bonnie Kent
Professor of Philosophy (ethics; medieval philosophy and theology; philosophy of religion)
Published Books
Aaron KheriatyAssistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior, Director of Residency Training and Medical Education (Medical Ethics, Spirituality and Mental Health, Psychiatric Education)
Susan B. Klein
Associate Professor of Japanese (premodern and modern theater and dance; medieval commentaries; Japanese religions; new historicism and feminist critical theory)
Published Books
James Kyung-Jin Lee
Associate Professor of Asian American Studies and English (Contemporary US literature, urban studies, illness and disability studies, Asian American religious studies)
Matthias Lehmann
Associate Professor of History and Teller Family Chair in Jewish History (early modern and
modern Jewish history; Sephardic studies)
Published Books
Mark LeVine
Professor of History (modern Middle East and Islam; globalization; popular culture)
Published Books
Jayne Lewis
Professor of English (Restoration/18th century British Literature; natural philosophy and the
supernatural; early modern meteorology; historical fiction)
Published Books
Julia R. Lupton
Professor of English & Chancellor's Fellow (Shakespeare; Renaissance literature; religious
studies; Jewish studies; humanities and the public sphere)
Published Books
Cecelia Lynch
Professor of Political Science & Director of International Studies (international relations theory;
religion, ethics, and law; humanitarianism and social movements)
Sanjoy Mazumdar
Professor of Social Ecology (environmental design research: cultural aspects, environmental psychology; architecture, planning, organizational studies)
Shampa MazumdarLecturer, Department of Sociology (Religion and Immigrant Communities, Sociology of
Religion, Sacred Space)
Michael T. McBrideAssociate Professor of Economics (game theory; economics of religion; political economy of development; social networks; experimental economics)
Joseph McKenna
Senior Lecturer, Department of History & Program in Religious Studies (history of Christianity,
theories of religion, secularism, skepticism, atheism, religious ethics)
Nancy McLoughlin
Assistant Professor of History (Late Medieval Intellectual and Gender History)
Published Books
Margaret M. Miles
Professor of Art History (Greek and Roman art; architecture and archaeology)
Published Books
Jane O. Newman
Professor of Comparative Literature (Comparative Renaissance and Baroque Studies, including Reformation and Counter-Reformation history and political theory; Erich Auerbach, Walter Benjamin and Jewish Reception of Early Modern Christianity;
Published Books
Maria Pantelia
Professor of Classics and Director, Thesaurus Linguae Graecae® (Greek epic poetry,
Hellenistic poetry, computer applications to classics)
Published Books
Alka Patel
Associate Professor of Art History (Islamic art and architectural history of South Asia, 12th-18th centuries; Islam in Spain and North Africa, and its diaspora in the new world)
Published Books
Amy Powell
Associate Professor of Art History (Northern European art and visual culture, 1300-1700;
allegory, iconoclasm, untimeliness, repetition, new media in historical perspective)
Published Books
Adrian PredaClinical Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (schizophrenia, psychiatric interview,
psychiatry and spirituality)
Gary Richardson
Professor of Economics (medieval economy and religion; economics and immigration;
banking and the great depression)
Michael Ryan
Professor of English and Creative Writing (American literature; creative writing; poetry, poetics; autobiography)
Published Books
Victoria SilverAssociate Professor of English (Renaissance studies; feminist and gender studies; cultural studies and criticism; history of literary theory; histories and theories of rhetoric)
Daniel StokolsChancellor's Professor of Planning, Policy and Design; Psychology and Social Behavior;
Public Health (theory development in environmental psychology and social ecology;
environmental design research)
Roxanne Varzi
Associate Professor of Anthropology (post-Revolution Iran, religion, media, youth culture, war)
Roger WalshProfessor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (Asian psychologies, philosophies, and religions; ecology; meditation; exceptional psychological well-being; post-conventional development)