Date Time Program Title
06/06/1812:30 PMReligious Studies"Religious Identity & Cultural Dynamics" presented by Jean-Paul Carvalho | Wednesday June 6th 2018 | HG 1002 @ 12:30pm
05/17/1706:30 PMReligious Studies"Human Rights: Transforming the World through the Human Spirit" Symposium - 5/17 @ 6:45pm
05/01/1707:00 PMReligious StudiesConfronting Anger and Hate: A Community/University Dialogue
11/10/1605:00 PMReligious Studies"Beyond the Truth of No Ultimate Truth: Buddhist Dialogue with Western Philosophy and Theology"
04/19/1605:00 PMReligious Studies"Islam without Extremes" with international journalist Mustafa Akyol
03/03/1605:00 PMReligious Studies"Indian Diaspora in the U.S."
01/26/1605:00 PMReligious StudiesUCI Program in Religious Studies presents 'The Intersection of Science and Faith,' a talk presented by Professor Michael Dennin
11/19/1505:00 PMReligious StudiesThe UC Irvine program in Religious Studies presents: "Compassion: lessons from ‘man’s’ closest living relatives"
04/08/1505:00 PMReligious StudiesPatrick J. Ryan, "Interfaith Marriage: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Perspectives"
03/03/1507:30 PMReligious StudiesReligion in a Theocratic State (Iran) - Professor Roxanne Varzi, a UCI anthropologist of the Middle East.
01/29/1505:00 PMReligious StudiesIslam's Jesus: A Lecture by Dr. Zeki Saritoprak
11/05/1404:00 PMReligious StudiesSankrit Lives! The Ongoing Life Story of India's Classical Language by Urmila Patil, Ph.D
03/04/1405:30 PMReligious Studies"The Jesus of History vs the Christ of Literature, w/ Reza Aslan & Jack Miles."
11/23/1306:30 PMReligious StudiesThe Sounds of India
11/05/1303:00 PMReligious StudiesSacred Los Angeles
11/04/1305:00 PMReligious Studies"Transnational, Diasporic and Local Challenges: Argentine Jews in the 20th Century"
10/17/1305:00 PMReligious StudiesSteven Weitzman: "Mining for Solomon"
05/16/1305:00 PMReligious StudiesGlobal Pentecostalism: The Growth of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity
05/02/1304:30 PMReligious StudiesThe Meaning of Yoga--Yoga of Knowledge Reviewed and Renewed
04/24/13TBAReligious StudiesBrownbag Seminar with Stanley Bailey
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