Congratulations to Professor Coliva and Professor Pritchard on being awarded $24,500 grant.

Department: Philosophy

Post Date: February 12, 2018

News Details

Professors Duncan Pritchard and Annalisa Coliva have been awarded a large grant as part of the Provost’s Initiative on Understanding and Engaging with Extremism. The main purpose of the grant is to create a MOOC (= Massive Open Online Course) on the topic of ‘Skepticism and Relativism’. This course will speak to some of the important societal challenges that we face today, such as climate change denial, the emergence of fake news, and the sometimes toxic nature of public discourse. It will feature interviews with leading faculty from across the UCI campus. The project will be a collaboration with the Division of Continuing Education, the Division of Undergraduate Education, and the Center for Instructional Design. It will also have a significant outreach component, involving local secondary schools.