Debunking 101: How to Spot Fake (Archaeology) News & What to Do About It

Department: Philosophy

Date and Time: November 19, 2019 | 4:00 PM-6:00 PM

Event Location: Crystal Cove

Event Details

Debunking 101 is a workshop is to provide an opportunity for undergraduates (and others) to think carefully about and learn strategies to combat the spread of misinformation in the age of social media. The presenters will be Dr. Cailin O’Connor, Associate Professor in the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science and Darby Vickers, a PhD candidate in the Department of Philosophy. The workshop will last for 2 hours. It will be divided into three parts.
  1. Pseudoarchaeology Case Studies: In the first part, Darby will present a series of pseudoarchaeology case studies. She will use these case studies as scaffolded exercises for students to learn strategies and tips for spotting false or distorted claims as well as evaluating sources.
  2. Social Networks and the Spread of Misinformation: Professor Cailin O’Connor will present (in an accessible manner) research from her new book The Misinformation Age: How False Beliefs Spread.
  3. Call to action-- Stopping the Spread of Fake News: Darby and Professor O’Connor will methods students can use to try to protect their epistemic networks from misinformation. 
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