Colloquium: Sandford Goldberg (Northwestern)

Department: Philosophy

Date and Time: February 2, 2018 | 3:00 PM-5:00 PM

Event Location: HIB 55

Event Details

Title: "Your attention please! (On the Ethics of Address)"

There are various ways through which we try to capture another person's attention.  One of these ways -- a particularly sophisticated way! -- is to address them.  After trying to highlight what it is to address another person, I argue that doing so generates a second-personal reason (for you, as addressee) to attend to the act.  When the act of address is a speech act, matters are further complicated by the expectations parties bring, and (I argue) are entitled to bring, to an (anticipated) speech exchange.  The upshot is that speakers who address an audience have a defeasible claim on the audience's attention.  To fail to attend to a speaker who addresses you and whose claim on your attention is not defeated, I argue, is to disrespect her as a rational subject.

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