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Spring Quarter (S19)

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Courses Offered by the Persian Studies Minor or other Schools at UCI

Spring Quarter (S19)

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Designed for students with little or no exposure to Persian. Students learn the modern writing system and grammar of Persian. Facilitates basic reading, writing, and speaking skills and fosters college-level literacy in Persian culture.
M, W 10:00-11:50 & F 10:00-10:50.

Days: MO WE  10:00-11:50 AM


Designed for students to advance their Persian language skills from introductory to intermediate level. Students will advance their understanding of grammar and syntax. Facilitates intermediate-level reading, writing, and speaking skills. Fosters college-level cultural literacy.

Prerequisite: PERSIAN 2B. PERSIAN 2B with a grade of C or better. Placement into PERSIAN 2C is also accepted.

Restriction: School of Humanities students have first consideration for enrollment. International Studies Majors have first consideration for enrollment.

M, W 1:00 - 2:50 PM
Days: MO WE  01:00-02:50 PM


No description is currently available.


No description is currently available.


This course explores the art, architecture and archaeology of Sasanian Iran. “The Empire of the Iranians” ruled by the Sasanian dynasty was the last great Iranian empire before the coming of Islam. This course will provide students a foundational overview of Sasanian art and architecture as well as explore the impact of Sasanian art and architecture on the wider world of late antiquity including the arts and archaeology of late Kushan and Sasanian-period Central and South Asia and Sogdiana, Topics include the impact of Parthian art/architecture, the transformation of the ancient tradition of Iranian rock reliefs, the Achaemenid legacy, the development of Persian palace and garden architecture, fire temples and sacred spaces, urbanism, painting, glyptic, silver and luxury wares, the Persian legacy in Islam, Medieval Europe and China after the fall of the empire. This course is intended for graduate students and advanced undergraduates. M, W 3:00 - 4:20 PM.
Days: M, W  03:00-04:20 PM


Exploring modern Iran through film, literature, photography, travel writing, philosophy and social science texts introduces students to important concepts in post-colonial studies, social thought, war culture, religion and media as experienced through the paradigm of a non-Western modernity.
Th   7:00- 9:50pm. Same as ANTHRO 165A.
Days: TH  07:00-09:50 PM