Fiction Students

Korey Bell


Korey is from Rochester, New York. He enjoys literature, theology, and music.

Mason Boyles


Mason Boyles just drove across the country with his dad. They stopped at Subway six times. They nearly saw the Hoover Dam. In Las Vegas they checked into the Bellagio, split a carton of hardboiled eggs, and went to bed by nine o’clock. That’s the kind of people they are.

Daniela Chavez


Daniela was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She spent her undergrad years writing in San Francisco. She then moved to Massachusetts, where she taught for a while, only to move back to sunny California. Some of her favorite things include free parking, cherry coke and new papermate flare pens. She will beat you in useless movie trivia; don't test the validity of that claim. Here she is with a big chair.

Miguel Cid


Miguel A. X. Cid was born and raised in Sacramento and San Diego, California. He is the son of the late artist Armando Cid and social, political and cultural activist Josie Talamantez. He has a brother and two sisters. He writes fiction as well as other genres of literature, including poetry, and creates art through various mediums.

Katherine Damm


Katherine used to live on the East Coast, but now here she is. She grew up in Philadelphia, studied Literature at Harvard, and spent a few years in New York after that. She likes dogs, people, and very smooth music, more or less in that order.

Lee Eisen


Lee is the result of a flawed experiment in which a scientist attempted to create a person who is exactly 50% gym bro, 50% literature geek. He definitely didn't steal that description of himself from his own Tinder bio. In 2016, Lee graduated from the University of Miami (in Florida, not the fake one in Ohio) with a degree in Creative Writing. He has since worked as a production assistant on the ABC television show The Goldbergs, taught for an academic support program at Palos Verdes High School in Los Angeles, and led creative writing workshops for a nonprofit organization called Writopia.

Leandro Fefer


Leandro Fefer is from Seattle, Washington. He is highly skeptical of golf and Burning Man. Leandro enjoys rock climbing, Rap Music, and New York Times podcasts. His background is in journalism, addiction, and bar tending and he holds a BA in communications from Whittier college.  Leandro loves you, and hopes you find fulfillment in life.

Jonathan Gelernter


6'5" Swipe left if you voted Trump.

Maggie Love


Maggie is from Charlotte, North Carolina. Before moving to Irvine, she lived in New York City for five years and worked, most recently, as a web developer.

Michael Malpass


Michael grew up in Seattle, studied philosophy at the University of Chicago, then moved back to Seattle and worked in a small grocery store for six years. He is working on a novel.

Derek Moseley


Derek Moseley is from Milan, Tennessee. He has worked as a paralegal and taught college writing courses for many years. His bingo troll rode with him to Irvine.

Allan Nava


is from Stockton and likes to talk shit.

Dillon Sefic


Dillon Sefic is from Southern California and has degrees from UC Irvine and the University of Oxford. He likes to avoid sunlight and consume absurd amounts of tea.