KUCI News Now Accepting Internship Applications: Due October 4

Department: Literary Journalism

Post Date: September 28, 2019

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Calling All Storytellers! KUCI News Radio Journalism Internship for Course Credit

The world of audio journalism and podcasting has grown at an incredible rate in the past several years. Whether it's on your morning commute to school or on your errand run at the grocery store, it's likely that you're plugged in and listening to something.

At KUCI News, we provide student interns the tools to craft engaging audio stories ranging from topics and events in politics, film, science and health, pop culture, and so many more. If you have an issue you're passionate about, you can report on it here!

We air our shows every Monday evening on KUCI 88.9 FM, so take hold of this exciting opportunity to be on radio!

"What will I gain through this internship?"

We'll train you to use professional studio equipment (mics and editing software) as well as guide you through important narrative techniques to develop your unique 'radio' voice. We walk you through tracking down stories, interviewing key subjects, recording sound bytes, and editing high-quality audio pieces that convey stories that are important to you.

"Do I need to have any previous experience to apply?"

You do not need to have prior experience in radio to apply! You don't even need to be a Literary Journalism student to join. We encourage students from all academic and social backgrounds to explore their interests in media with us here on the News team.

"I'm more interested in the editing side of things? Can I still join?"

Definitely. KUCI News is comprised of three essential sub-teams that include: Reporting. Audio Engineering, and Marketing. Each team is essential in our process of creating audio content—as a reporting intern, you will go out in the field to discover and tell meaningful stories; as a marketing intern, you create logos, social media posts, and strategies to boost our audience; and as an audio engineering intern, you can utilize your passions in music and audio to edit together what will end up being aired live every Monday.

Want to listen to our work? Here's a peek at what you can produce!

Interested? Apply!
Here are the applications for each team:

Reporting: https://forms.gle/vxyM4oy7TmEhFQCh8

Audio Engineering/Marketing: https://forms.gle/WaV6rkxZ4U6HvV69A

Deadline: October 4th 11:59 PM (End of Week 1).

If you have any further questions, shoot us an email at news@kuci.org or contact me directly!

Kristie Song
KUCI News Director