Date Time Program Title
06/07/1909:30 AMLatin American StudiesAnteater Historical Reflections on Latin America: A Gathering in Honor of Steven Topik
05/23/1904:30 PMLatin American Studies"Dancing with the Devil: Latin America in the age of Trump," by Miguel Tinker Salas
05/09/19TBALatin American StudiesBrazilian Table
05/02/1908:00 AMLatin American StudiesXXV Annual Juan Bruce-Novoa Mexican Studies Conference
04/26/1904:00 PMLatin American Studies"'A Strange Creature of the Night': Raúl Grigera and the Feat of Black Celebrity in 1910s Buenos Aires" by Dr. Paulina Alberto
04/25/1909:00 AMLatin American Studies"What is Art Doing for You?" By Southern California Working Group on "Hispanism: Social and Critical Thought"
04/24/1912:30 PMLatin American StudiesLatin America in View with Maria del Rosario Acosta
04/08/1904:00 PMLatin American StudiesWhy Does Cuba Matter? by Rafael Betancourt
03/19/1904:00 PMLatin American StudiesFernando Sáez, Director of the Malpaso Dance Company
03/06/1901:00 PMLatin American StudiesHiding in Plain Sight: Black Women, the Law, and the Making of a White Argentina, by Dr. Erika Edwards
03/04/1904:00 PMLatin American StudiesScreening of "The Absent Stone" Q&A with director, Jesse Lerner
03/04/1912:00 PMLatin American StudiesSlaves Remastered: An Untold Story of Rebellion, Revolution, and Restoration in the Atlantic World, by Marjoleine Kars
02/27/1904:00 PMLatin American StudiesScreening of "The Little Match Girl" (2017) and Q&A with Director Alejo Moguillansky and actress Luciana Acuña
02/26/1904:00 PMLatin American StudiesWORKSHOP ON MOVEMENT/FICTION/FILM by Alejo Moguillansky and Luciana Acuña
02/21/19TBALatin American StudiesJoão Luiz
02/19/1903:30 PMLatin American Studies"Countering Fears of Corruption: 'Leprosy' and Healing in the Early Caribbean," by Kristen Block
02/15/1904:00 PMLatin American StudiesLegislation, criminalization, capitalism and anti-capitalism in Mapuche country, 1993-2018, by Dr. Cristián Perucci (Chile)
02/04/1901:00 PMLatin American StudiesFrom Hope to Hate: The Rise of Conservative Subjectivity in Brazil, by Dr. Rosana Pinheiro-Machado
01/31/1904:00 PMLatin American StudiesScreening of Chulas Fronteras and Q&A with Dr. Deborah Vargas
01/25/1903:00 PMLatin American StudiesValerie Francisco‐Menchavez, Filipino History Winter talk
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