Quarterly Approved Courses

Course Instructor Title
Spanish 50 Sefami, J. MEXICO: A SURVEY
Spanish 186 Sefami, J. 5 LAT AM POETS
Spanish 101A Mahieux, V. INTRO IBER LIT&CULT
History 160 O'Toole SEX&CONQUEST LAT AM
History 166D Duncan, R. REVOLUTION:LAT AMER
Flm and Media 139W Benamou, C. WRITING ON FILM&MDA
Chc/Lat 154 Torres, R. LATINO METROPOLIS

Course   Title Instructor
Film & Media 130   Latinas/OS in Media Benamou, C.
History 70D   Latin America: Colonialism and Nation Borucki, A.
HIstory 162   History of Brazil        Topik, S.
History 163   World of Coffe Topik, S.
History 169   Race/Ethnic Lat Am Duncan, R.
History 169   Mexico: Past & Present Duncan, R.
History 190   Freedom/Slavery O'toole, R.
Spanish 101B   Intro Lat Am Lit & Cul Hernandez-Torres
Spanish 160   Classic & New Lat Am Cinema Legras, H.
Anthro 141A      Ancient Civilizations of Mexico & Southwest Drover, C.
Chc/Lat 129   Latinas/OS in Media Benamou, C.
Chc/Lat 169   Mexico: Past and Present Duncan, R.
Crm/Law C102   Intro to Comp. Study of Legal Cultures Cabatingan, L.
Intl St 130   Transnational Gangs Valdez, A.
Intl St 142E   U.S. Coercive Diplomacy Sereseres, C.