"Visual Cultures of Insurgency in the Colonial Andes, 1750-1800" with Ananda Cohen-Aponte

Department: Latin American Studies

Date and Time: January 19, 2018 | 2:00 PM-4:00 PM

Event Location: HG1002

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This presentation focuses on the production and destruction of images within the context of the Tupac Amaru and Tupac Katari rebellions of southern Peru and Bolivia. Historians and anthropologists have studied many dimensions of these anticolonial movements but the aesthetic aspects have remained vastly overlooked. Drawing on new research, this
presentation presents case studies of defacement and censorship from this time to highlight the diverse visual worlds that intervened in the practice of political subversion.

Ananda Cohen-Aponte is Associate Professor of Art History at Cornell University. Her recent book Heaven, Hell, and Everything in Between: Murals of the Colonial Andes (2016) demonstrates how colonial indigenous peoples adapted Inca designs and Spanish iconography to express a colonial Catholicism in the Andes, as she continues to expand the theoretical engagement of colonial Latin American art history.