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Norman Hartono

HartonoA Scotch and bourbon whiskey enthusiast and an avid traveler, Norman Hartono is always ready for the next adventure.
Born and raised in Singapore, he is currently living abroad in a strange foreign land called California to pursue his B.A. in International Studies at UC Irvine.

After landing an internship at a magazine company by chance, he discovered his love for journalism. This kept him as a writer for over two years at a Singapore men's lifestyle and fashion publication called August Man. He has since been a frequent contributor for a now-defunct travel website for Singapore expats called

When he's not busy at school, you can usually find him at the gun range or swigging a cold beer at a local Newport pub, just not both at the same time.

Latest read: The Devil's Guard by George Robert Elford. It's a semi non-fictional story about former SS officers joining the French Foreign Legion to fight in Vietnam.

Favorite Kiosk story: "Chanelle's Hustle"

Next destination/future plans: After the end of my last quarter in December, I'll be moving back to Singapore to pursue a career in business development and I hope to succeed in creating my own IT startup.