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Cleo Tobbi



Cleo Tobbi recently graduated from the University of California, Irvine
with a Bachelor's degree in Literary Journalism. Last summer she worked in San Francisco as a crime reporter for United Reporting. Since her return to Los Angeles, she has contributed to OC Weekly's food blog, Stick a Fork in It. She currently works in San Dimas, California for her family's small business, Y2K Jewelers.


The story behind the story:

I wrote this story for Amy Wilentz's Writing About Place workshop in Winter
2013. Prior to my first day of class, I had a few other story ideas in mind
and by the end of our first workshop meeting, I realized that the doughnut
shop in my hometown would be perfect to write about. The Donut Man, a
24-hour shop, is a staple in the town of Glendora and showcases more than
just the doughnut-lover: it is a pure representation of America. Glendora
is the quintessential American town and The Donut Man serves up the
quintessential American treat. The history of doughnuts is seldom
discussed on a regular basis but present-day American culture and cuisine
have the doughnut to thank. This, along with the characters the shop
attracts, are the reasons why I felt this story was worth writing.