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Cleo Tobbi

TobbiCleo Tobbi is a fourth-year Literary Journalismmajor at the University of California, Irvine. She is a staff writer for the New University and
co-manages the literary journalism program blog, Her interest in film lead her to intern for for about four months. She received her International TEFL Academy certificate in the summer of 2012 and plans to teach English as a second language abroad after graduation. However, she still aims to pursue a career in narrative nonfiction. When she isn't at school or doing homework, Tobbi helps her family run their small business, Y2K Jewelers, located in San Dimas, Ca.

The story behind the story:

Matt Bell and his friends named in the piece all remain active with the production of Wreckless Eating. Their 30th and most recent main event showcased alligator head, seasoned seaweed paste with plum, and giant toasted ants. They have become so successful that various food-related
companies have reached out to them to advertise their abnormal products. The Wreckless Eating YouTube channel has reached almost 40,000 subscribers and has just under 10 million video views.