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Kristen Viray

VirayKristen Viray is a fifth- year Literary Journalism and English double major who spends the majority of her time trying not to fall in love with fictional characters (the anti-hero in particular). She is the former Editor-in-Chief of Inc!te Magazine and loves the smell of newsprint in the morning. You can find her waffling on the basketball courts, waiting for Comic Con tickets to go on sale, attending country music concerts, or reading graphic novels. Her goal in life is to wear enough pink to elicit accusations of being the pink Power Ranger. She is a social media addict whose spirit animal is a Tumblr troll. If Kristen had to describe herself in three words, she would instead provide you with the hashtags: #firstworldproblems, #FML, and #nerdgasm. Kristen believes in her existence due to the mere fact a Google search of her name does yield results.

Latest Read: Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris 

Favorite Lit J Story: Do or Die by Leon Bing

Next Destination: Perth, Western Australia to visit family I haven't seen since the 2000 Sydney Olympics. 

Future Plans: After I graduate this fall quarter, I'll be working for the the L.A.- based radio station Go Country 105 as a member of their street team.

Reccommended Reading and Why: The graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore. If you're ever going to read a graphic novel, it should be this one. It's an insightful deconstruction of the superhero concept, exploring themes of duty and allegiance through a group of self- appointed vigilante superheros. Who doesn't like a book with lots of cool pictures?

Something that people don't know but should:
"Architects hold the key to the global thermostat." -- Edward Mazria. The best way to help reduce our CO2 emissions, and thus counteract global warming, is to build more green buildings. Commercial buildings emit more CO2 into the atmosphere than the transportation sector!