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Gloria Kwan

KwanGloria Kwan is a 22-year-old Literary Journalism student who hopes to someday utilize her talent for combining words to make a difference in the world. She is interested in the innocence of childhood, the idealism of young adulthood, fear, death, fear of death, the American Dream, greed, our obsession with money, the politics of weed, social constructs, organized religion, life’s illogical consistencies, the disintegration of morals, the loss of faith, mania, depression, love, and hate. She is in the process of releasing her own publication, Homebrew, in homage to the original Homebrew Computer Club of Silicon Valley and inspired by the principles of Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Catalog. In the future she plans on writing for Rolling Stone.

Latest read: (and still reading) Rising up and Rising Down, by William T. Vollmann.

Favorite LitJ story: Charlie Simpson’s Apocalypse, by Joe Eszterhas

Next destination: New York, I hope.