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Nikoline Nordfred Eriksen

EriksenNikoline Nordfred Eriksen is a third -year study-abroad student from Denmark. She is attending UC Irvine for the academic year 2011-12, where she is majoring in Comparative Literature. At her home university, University of Copenhagen, she is majoring in Danish Literature and Media Studies, in which she will be getting her bachelor's degree, when and if she ever decides to return to Denmark. Her choice of major was inspired by her great interest in Scandinavian literature and in particular Danish feminist writers, combined with her obsession with/addiction to American TV shows and social media. By joining the editorial board of kiosk she hopes to get to read some amazing stories written by talented up- and-coming journalists and have the privilege of working alongside them to create the 2012 issue.

Latest read: Creme Fraiche by Danish author Suzanne Brogger. A semi-
autobiographical novel published in 1978. Feminsm, sex, drugs and an
outrageous trip to NYC. It has been translated into English and is
definitely worth a read!

Favorite LitJ Story: "Brian and Me." Jason Davis writes with such energy
and nerve that you can't help getting moved by his story.

Next Destination: San Diego, Vegas, the Grand Canyon and L.A. I'll be
roadtrippin' with my lovely family who have decided to leave freezing
Denmark for a while to come visit me. Can you blame them?

Future Plans:
Enjoying every moment of my year at UCI. Everyone should do a year abroad -- it's the best thing I've ever done!

Recommended Reading for Everyone and Why: Everything by Suzanne Brogger
that has been translated into English; The Millennium series by Swedish
author Stieg Larsson.

Something People Don't Know but Should: Denmark is not the capital of
Sweden. In Denmark we speak Danish -- not Dutch. Denmark has produced some
pretty decent things, like LEGO, The Little Mermaid and OH Land (listen to
both her albums, she is amazing!)