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Ryon Tanara


Ryon Tanara is a 2011 graduate of the University of California, Irvine. Upon graduating he spent time traveling the globe with the goal of promoting and fostering social action through creative media, adventure travel and blogging. He is passionate about issues in education and hopes to one day serve in a position where he can contribute to the effort to enhance the quality of education at both a national and international level.


The story behind the story:

Initially when I started to write this story I was so consumed by trying to find out what drove such an intelligent individual to commit suicide. I kept asking myself why, but I was getting nowhere. I spoke to his friends and family, read through his blogs, and rummaged through his box of belongings looking for answers. When I finally stopped asking why, I realized that suicide plays a significant role in this story, but it was not the driving force of the narrative. This is a story about a unique relationship between Mahesh and Helen. Two very different people from opposite sides of the world coming together and ultimately establishing a unique and unbreakable bond was the story I wanted to tell.