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Louise Truong

TruongBorn and raised in Southern California, Louise Truong is a fourth-year
Literary Journalism and Criminology; Law & Society double major. She is planning on attending law school for Fall 2010. She does not know if she wants to become a lawyer or not, but she does know that she does want to do something that allows her to explore her curiosity as well as write about it. Her dream job would be to be a CNN correspondent (most of them have law degrees). But she would be just as happy practicing international law and writing for magazines on the side.

Favorite destination: The Louvre
Best read: Harry Potter -- the entire series! But also The Gay Talese Reader.
Most extreme lengths you've gone to for a story: I was in San Diego to collect someinformation for a story. My car battery died in a random neighborhood. Ihad to go to six houses before I found someone home or actually had jumper cables to jump start my car.