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Amy DePaul

DePaulAmy DePaul is a former newspaper reporter whose work has appeared in the Washington Post, London Independent, Dallas Morning News, Baltimore Sun and many other metropolitan dailies.

She recently won an award from the Council on Contemporary Families for her coverage of women’s issues, changing families and conservative social policy in a series of articles appearing on Alternet.

She also writes about the Iranian Diaspora, and her essay on Reading Lolita in Tehran appeared in MELUS, the journal of the Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States. She has covered trends in Internet journalism for Online Journalism Review and other publications, and she writes about books for Paste magazine.

She has a master’s degree in literature from UCI and a bachelor’s in journalism from Boston University. She teaches Reporting for Literary Journalism at UCI and news writing at California State University Fullerton. Before moving to California, she was an adjunct professor at Miami University of Ohio.

Favorite destination: A sailboat in the Virgin Islands
Best read: Zeitoun (among recent reads)
Most extreme lengths you've gone to for a story: Riding in an elevator for hours (or so I remember) in order to corner unwilling sources for an interview -- I was prohibited from waiting in the hallway outside a meeting they were in. Also: covering a riot, brush fire and other natural and man-made disasters. One length I refused to go to was climbing onto an angry circus elephant and riding him around town.