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Kiosk Magazine - UCIrvine Table of Contents

by Kylie Garner
A woman of contradictions figures it all out.

“You’re really cute,” she is often told.
“I’m really just a fat Goth trapped in a cute girl’s body.”

Conduct Unbecoming
by Lauren Biron
What happens to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" when the military faces unprecendented troop reductions in the midst of an unpopular war.

The investigators reviewed the materials and passed judgment.  There was, they told him, no evidence of homosexuality.

“Go back to work.  You’re not gay.”

A Life Less Ordinary
by Emma Mishel
Following hormones and surgery, a transgendered man discovers what it means to be who he was all along.

"Sometimes I see you as this strange man that’s come into our family and killed my daughter."                        

The Minutemen Are Coming!
by William Hillyard
The personal and the political at the day-laborer pickup sites of Southern California.

He has made a life for himself and his family as a pichonero, as the day laborers here call themselves. Like their namesake, the pigeon, pichoneros feed themselves by scratching up crumbs from the dirt.

Behind the Hills
by Brad Beylik
In the sooty path of the destructive 2007 Orange County wildfires, a writer contemplates the canyons' history.

The canyons and mountains are a source of urban myth and local lore, deeply connected to the fading glory of the American West and to the contradictory national narrative of frontier living and resource exploitation.

Rebel in a Wheelchair
by Michelle DalPont
John Box barely tolerates the obliviousness of the "Temporarily Able-Bodied."

One day, he was fixing the engine of his car and was sitting on the radiator for quite a while before smelling something burning. Because he doesn’t have sensation below his chest, he didn't know he had been burning his butt cheeks.

Chasing Bandits
by Lauren Biron
On the trail of an elusive Jazz-Age girl criminal.

On December 23, 1929, a slender, fair-skinned girl from San Pedro sat with two men and a blonde with curls.  She sipped her booze and watched as the men grew increasingly drunk.  Eventually, she persuaded them to do her a favor.