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Kiosk Magazine - UCIrvine Table of Contents

Fantasy Female
by Eva Vieyra-McDaniel
A suburban single mom pays her daughter’s way through college working as Mistress Victoria, the
O.C. Dominatrix.

"Son of a bitch!" she exclaims.  She forgot the women's panties.  She becomes even more upset when she realizes she didn't wear any underwear of her own that she could give her submissive to wear.

Riding the Wave: A Swimmer's Fight to Live above Water
by Paul Gackle
When Kicker Vencill apparently tests positive for performance-enhancing drugs, his Olympic dreams and understanding of himself may be lost.

"Everybody’s calling me a cheater," he would think. "Maybe I am a cheater."

The Weight of Reality
by Jamie Bodie
A mother's Jeremiad against the commercialization of childhood.

One day they’ll be laughing with you as you chase them around a park and then BAM! The next thing you know their faces are scrunched up in twisted agony because you refuse to buy them the newest action figure that comes with three guns and a cleft chin.

The Boar Hunter
by Travis Lau
One man’s hankering to go back to nature brings him face-to-face with dinner -- hooves, tusks, and all.

It’s a visceral thing to kill another creature, watch it die, and then eat its body. Most people never consider this when they grill on their George Foreman.

The City within the City
by Patrick Appel
Everyday life on the flipside of downtown L.A.'s vaunted redevelopment zone.

On the fringes of the district, people will ask for change or a dollar. In its center, they stop asking.

The Homecoming
by Tallin Aghourian
When formerly exiled Kenyan writer and activist Ngugi wa Thiong’o and his family return to Africa, a violent attack calls into question what it means to come home.

"I return to link with that feel of the everyday.  I have come back with an open mind, an open heart and open arms.  I have come to touch base.  I have come to learn."

Taking the Stage
by Lauren Biron
Recipe for a fledgling rock group: One part bleeding fingers, two parts $25 hair gel, and a shot at the Battle of the Bands.

“Have you ever killed anyone?”
“No, man,” he laughed.
Bentley came to the band’s next practice.

The White City
by Miles Clements
The curious story of a forgotten Pasadena landmark, an incline railway, and one man’s Belle-Epoque vision of building a palace in the California hills.

The trip was surely a surreal experience, the largely
undeveloped land spreading out before the eager naturalists as they rose
up the railway in the clouds to the palatial Echo Mountain House.