Date Time Program Title
05/16/1806:30 PMJewish StudiesBut Who is a Kosher Candidate? The Merging of Jewish Identity Politics and Electoral Politics in Los Angeles, 1969-1973
05/09/1805:00 PMJewish StudiesA Jew, A Newborn and a Scab: On Converts and Conversion in Late Antiquity
04/16/1806:30 PMJewish StudiesAmerican Jews and Israel: the next 30 Years
04/09/1805:00 PMJewish Studies​"​Me and the Bouzouki in the Vineyards of Yemen"​: Greek Music and the Making of Mizrahiness in the 1970s
04/09/1805:00 PMJewish StudiesOded Erez (Bar-Ilan University): "From Zorba to Zohar (Argov): Greek Music and the Invention of Mizrahim in 1970s Israel"
02/22/1806:00 PMJewish StudiesJudeo-Persian Poetry on the Crossroads Between Jewish and Perso-Islamic Traditions
02/20/1805:00 PMJewish StudiesLast Yiddish Heroes: Lost and Found Songs of Soviet Jews during World War II
02/15/1806:00 PMJewish StudiesThe Babylonian Talmud in the Context of the Sasanian Empire: Acculturation and Negotiation
02/08/1806:00 PMJewish StudiesBabylonian Jews under Ancient Persian Rule, and the Production of the Babylonian Talmud
11/30/1704:00 PMJewish StudiesPolitics of Religion in Modern Israel
11/08/1705:00 PMJewish StudiesDefiance and Protest. Forgotten Individual Jewish Resistance in Nazi Germany
10/18/1706:00 PMJewish StudiesJewish Studies at UCI: 25 Years Since the Teller Family Endowment
10/17/1703:30 PMJewish Studies"Etty," adapted and performed by Susan Stein. Directed by Austin Pendleton
10/10/1704:00 PMJewish StudiesOrdinary Jews: Choice and Survival during the Holocaust
05/21/1704:00 PMJewish StudiesCelebrating the Sephardic legacy in Mexico: Concert and Film Screening
05/21/1709:00 AMJewish StudiesConference on "The Jewish Experience in Mexico"
04/26/1705:00 PMJewish StudiesMichael Morgan (Toronto): "Tears the Civil Servant Cannot See: Levinas, Zionism, and the Ethical Critique of Politics"
03/15/1705:00 PMJewish StudiesTimothy Snyder (Yale): "The Holocaust as History and Warning"
02/13/1705:00 PMJewish StudiesHizky Shoham (Bar-Ilan University): "Israeli Grassroots Culture as a new strand of Judaism"
02/09/1705:00 PMJewish StudiesAlejandro Baer (University of Minnesota): "Healing Wounds or Perpetuating Divisions? Remembering Extreme Violence in the Post-Holocaust Era"
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