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The census, which takes place every 10 years, is a survey of people who reside in the U.S. It is not just for citizens but includes everyone in the country. The results are used to allocate government funding, provide social services as well as determine political apportionment. In addition, researchers and community advocates utilize the data to study our society, identify pressing needs, and develop targeted interventions.

However, there are wide-spread misconceptions and apathy about the census as well as understandable suspicion about the intentions of the U.S. government. In fact, UCI was undercounted for the last census, and our students, staff, and faculty are likely to fall into officially designated hard-to-count categories, which include young children, highly mobile persons, racial and ethnic minorities, non-English speakers, low-income persons, persons experiencing homelessness, undocumented immigrants, persons who distrust the government, LGBTQ persons, persons with disabilities, and persons who do not live in traditional housing.

Inform yourself about the census, and help us achieve a complete count at UCI and beyond!
For up-to-date census response rates, see 2020census.gov/en/response-rates.  UCI is census tract 626.14.

Count me in!

Learn why the Census Matters
Help our Students and Communities Achieve a Complete Count!
  • Respond to the census now.  The 2020 Census Day is April 1st (meaning that where you are living on April 1 is what you report to the census - the exception is if you have relocated as a result of COVID-19.  See below). There's only 9 questions and also multi-lingual access.  The self-response period lasts until August 14, 2020.
  • Why does the census matter for students?
  • How do you respond if you've relocated during the COVID-19 pandemic?  Basically, use the address where you regularly reside, even if you are no longer living there on April 1.  If you did not receive the Census ID that was sent via mail, you can choose the non-ID response option.
  • How can I learn more and inform my students?  
            A short powerpoint for instructors

            A Fun Facts Census Game

            A 10 minute documentary featuring Asian American and Pacific Islander community leaders in Orange County

            A 5 minute YuJa video by Prof. Judy Wu on the Census as Conversation with the State

            A 4 minutes YuJa video by Prof. Judy Wu on the Census as Conversation with the Past

            Also see below!

Andrew Highsmith

History Prof. Andrew Highsmith explains why the census is vital for academic research.

Watch the video of the virtual panel on UCI Counts! The Importance of the Census 2020.
March 31 event

For more information about this event, contact Prof. Judy Wu.
For more information about UCI Counts, please contact Amanda Hughes, Community Relations Manager, Strategic Communications & Public Affairs.
For more information about the US Census, please contact Jun Wang, Partner Specialist of U.S. Census Bureau for Irvine.

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