Date Time Program Title
10/15/2110:00 AMHumanities CenterGrad Lab and Pedagogical Humanities: Teaching and Diversity Statements Workshop
10/15/2112:00 PMHumanities CenterRead to Create: A Workshop with Monica Youn and Krystal Tribbett, featuring the poetry of Tracy K. Smith
10/17/2106:00 PMHumanities CenterUni Hills Book Club Discussion of Tracy K. Smith, Ordinary Light: A Memoir
10/18/2109:00 AMHumanities CenterCommunicating Your Research to Public Audiences series: Communicating with the Public in Writing
10/18/2112:00 PMHumanities CenterHumanities Center Student Writing Group (w/Skills)
10/20/2110:00 AMHumanities CenterPedagogical Humanities: DIVERSE LEARNERS/ INCLUSIVE TEACHING
10/21/2101:00 PMHumanities CenterTiny Desk Skillshare: References
10/21/2105:00 PMHumanities CenterPulitzer Prize-Winning Author Tracy K. Smith, former Poet Laureate of the United States
10/22/2108:00 AMHumanities Center"Just Environments" discussion of Robert Bullard's work
10/25/2112:00 PMHumanities CenterHumanities Center Student Writing Group
10/27/2101:00 PMHumanities CenterGraduate Futures Reading Group: Leonard Cassuto's "Professionalization"
10/27/2110:00 AMHumanities CenterPedagogical Humanities: MENTORING STUDENTS/ MENTORING PEERS
10/27/2112:30 PMHumanities CenterEgyptomania in the Mail & Online: Digital Archives and Imperial Imaginings of an "Antique Land" through Vintage Postcards
10/28/2101:00 PMHumanities CenterSOH Fulbright Roundtable and Reception
10/28/2104:00 PMHumanities CenterThe Struggle for Hong Kong: Repression & Resistance
10/29/2112:00 PMHumanities CenterDHX & the Center for Early Cultures Lunchtime Talk: Nicola Lecari
11/01/2112:00 PMHumanities CenterHumanities Center Student Writing Group
11/02/2102:00 PMHumanities CenterChina in Global Times: A Double Book Launch Event
11/03/2110:00 AMHumanities CenterPedagogical Humanities: COMPASSIONATE LISTENING facilitated by Rena Goldstein (Compassionate Listening Teacher and PhD Candidate in Philosophy)
11/04/2112:00 PMHumanities CenterLessons from the Black Panther Oakland Community School Project
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