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Public Spheres, Blogospheres
Friday, October 24, 2008 , 8:30 am - 6:00 pm

Download flyer | Listen to podcasts here

This one-day conference featured conversations among important contemporary bloggers in the U.S. political and academic scene, focusing on the evolution of the public sphere, the political process and democratic participation in a digital age. There will be four panels on Public Spheres, Reason and Rationality in the 18th Century; Blogging and the Academy; The Transnational Public: China and Iran; and Election 2008. Presented by the UCI Humanities Center and HumaniTech®.

Co-sponsored by the Literary Journalism Program.

Public Spheres, Reason and Rationality in the 18th Century
Sean Greenberg, Philosophy; John Smith, German; Moderator: Ann Van Sant, English, UC Irvine

Blogging and the Academy

Eszter Hargittai, Northwestern University | Crooked Timber; Scott Kaufman, Acephalous / The Valve: A Literary Organ;
Moderator: Catherine Liu, Film & Media Studies, UC Irvine

The Transnational Public: China and Iran

Kenneth Pomeranz and Jeffrey Wasserstrom, History | The China Beat; Elham Gheytanchi, Huffington Post;
Moderator: Alison Brysk, Political Science, UC Irvine

Election 2008
Kevin Drum, Mother Jones; Kevin Roderick, Director, UCLA Newsroom | LA Observed, Jon Wiener, History, UC Irvine;
Moderator: Amy Wilentz, Literary Journalism, UC Irvine

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The Future of Writing
November 6-7, 2008 | 135 Humanities Instructional Building

Podcast and videos of this event are available at the conference website: | Download conference flyer

The conference will bring together scholars from both across the UC system and other universities and a cadre of nationally recognized experts to explore how the new communications technologies, particularly the Internet, are challenging previous conceptions of what "writing" is. The conference will be a true multimedia event, featuring both exhibits and panels, which will span venues, from 135 Humanities Instructional Building and the Visual Resources Collection to the Beall Center for Arts and Technology. Through a range of panels, demonstrations, and an art exhibit, participants will consider the following: How are new communications technologies changing the way people "compose," "write," and "author"? How do collaborative writing spaces and social networking challenge the concepts of "text and "author"? And how are emerging emphases on visual literacies shifting what we think of as writing? More details can be found at the conference website:

The conference is presented by the UCI Office of the Campus Writing Coordinator and HumaniTech®, with support from the Humanities Center and the International Center for Writing and Translation.

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Humanities & Technology: the Past Ten Years, the Next Ten Years
Tuesday, May 19, 2009 | 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM | 135 Humanities Instructional Building

Click here for photos, podcasts and video | Download flyer


To coincide with HumaniTech®'s tenth anniversary, a panel of scholars will exchange ideas on the intersection between the humanities and new technologies over the past ten years, with projections for the next ten years. Panel participants are James Herbert, Professor of Art History; Ramesh Jain, Bren Professor of Information and Computer Sciences; Alan Liu, Chair and Professor of English at UC Santa Barbara; Julia Lupton, Professor of English and Chancellor's Fellow; and J. Hillis Miller, UCI Distinguished Research Professor of Comparative Literature. John Smith, Professor of German, will moderate, and Vicki Ruiz, Dean of the School of Humanities, will make the welcome.

Preceding the panel will be a brief overview of HumaniTech's evolution from 1999 to the present, using an interactive timeline designed for HumaniTech by students in Information and Computer Sciences, under the direction of Ramesh Jain.

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